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‘Privacy by Design’ or How Not to Share your Data with Cambridge Analytica

With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into effect on May 25, privacy is on the radar of marketers like never before.  With scandals like Facebook-Cambridge Analytica hitting the headlines, the new legislation is overdue. Marketers can no longer sit on their heels and wait for a third-party data breech to stir them into action.

Article 25 of the GDPR mandates that data protection should be “by design and by default”. But what exactly does this mean, and what does a marketer need to do to make it happen?

“Privacy by Design (PbD)” provides a blueprint for action. Established as a framework in 1995 by the Information Privacy Commissioner of Ontario to get companies to take data protection seriously, it constitutes 7 procedural steps which will put you in good stead to comply with the law.

During my presentation at Empower London, our bi-annual customer summit, I provided a guide to the PbD framework, including how to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment (also required under the GDPR), and explained how Crownpeak’s tools can help.

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