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Ever Wonder How to Launch Your Own Brand Without Amazon?

Online Marketplaces have definitively changed the world. Created primarily to begin selling books online, Marketplaces like Amazon have become the normal way to buy, and sell, goods. From books to clothes, personal care products to home d├ęcor, these Marketplaces sell it all. Entrepreneurs young and old have turned to Amazon and others to launch their business with varying degrees of success. However, as powerful these marketplaces are, they clearly have their draw-backs, many of which have become apparent as entrepreneurs are looking for more control of their companies. Brand ownership, preferred distribution, control from copy-cats, limited up-front investment in inventory, etc. are just a few of the key things causing entrepreneurs to sidestep these channels.

As a member of Forbes' invite-only Technology Council, GearLaunch CEO, Thatcher Spring, was recently published in Forbes about the Age of Merchant Independence and how entrepreneurs are Bypassing the E-Comm Giants by using Print-on-Demand and other tools like GearLaunch.

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