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NNData Launches Online SaaS "Smart Data" Software

FAIRFAX, Va., Aug. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- NNData today announced the launch of its online SaaS "Smart Data" software, as part of its flagship product NNCompass. It delivers easy to use ways to manage data along with use case-focused machine learning algorithms for anyone to use without having any training as a data scientist or programming background. 

NNCompass was designed to make data integration and management more intuitive and efficient, while opening the worlds of analytics and machine learning to everyone.  NNCompass introduces a one stop shop to ingest, stream (real-time data flows), cleanse, map, and integrate data so business staff (analysts, dev ops, managers, controllers, etc.) can gain immediate insights. The software was designed to enable someone, who isn't a data scientist or developer, but has in depth knowledge of their data and questions that need to be answered or reinforced and allow them to employ analysis and machine learning algorithms in a simplified way to create value.

"We wanted to enable organizations to discover insights contained within the data processes that they use every day.  That's why we built NNCompass. There's an unbelievable amount of information inside the data used by program, project, and operations staff" said Oscar Wood, NNData's CEO.  "They only need access to an easy to use data product that isn't intimidating yet is enabling new discoveries within their everyday data environment.  By helping organizations to unlock that knowledge, the eventual data science process becomes much more relevant, efficient and collaborative yielding greater business value."

Extensive engineering was applied to unstructured document handling, helping clients apply structure to things like emails, pdf's and other text-file formats. "Our ability to handle unstructured data is unique. We focused on providing the user point-and-click tools to apply structure to where it didn't exist before. In other words, you can look at piles of documents or thousands of emails that are highly unstructured data and infer patterns as to where structure could be applied far better than a machine ever could." said Jerry Gay, Chief Technology Officer at NNData. "And that's important, because now you have the ability to paint a complete picture of all your data, and actually use that to get answers to difficult questions through the Smart Data Workbench."

NNCompass Gold & Platinum are monthly/yearly cloud SaaS subscriptions that allow users to extract the most ROI out of their data by handling data ingest to complex data flows and everything in between available at starting today. NNCompass Enterprise can be deployed to your data center, server environment or to your cloud.

About NNData:
NNData builds software and provides services to create "Smart Data".  We focus on providing products that anyone can use to easily manage, wrangle, integrate and stream information – helping people discover answers to difficult questions from their data.  NNCompass, NNData's "Smart Data" software, leverages human intelligence in concert with technology, enabling new data practices.  Learn more at

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