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Jama Software Enables Predictive Product Development

Jama Connect™ and Jama Analyze™ Updates to Product Development Platform Provide Unparalleled Insights Into the Complete Development Process

Jama Software, a leading product development platform provider for companies building complex products and integrated systems, today announced the release of major platform enhancements — ushering in a new era of Predictive Product Development. The combination of Jama Analyze — critical analytics and intelligence capabilities Jama gained via its acquisition of Notion — and Jama Connect, the company’s renamed flagship product, enables customers to gain valuable insight from volumes of previously unavailable product development data. These new capabilities give product leaders a robust view into performance across teams and enable timely, strategic decision-making.

“Digital convergence is putting enormous pressure on traditional product development processes. Companies, from the most industrial to the most consumer-oriented, must have development tools that surface insights easily to help them understand the health of their development processes and consequently their businesses,” said Jama CEO Scott Roth. “The Jama Product Development Platform, and the ecosystem of tools and products with which it interoperates, offers unmatched clarity and insight in the face of data overload. And, when the product development process starts at inception with Jama Connect and leverages Jama Analyze, innovative companies have at their fingertips an unprecedented capability — Predictive Product Development — for confidently mitigating risk, improving quality and speeding time to market for smart, connected products of every sort.”

Jama Analyze enables data-driven collaboration: It builds on product development data that teams are already generating with Jama Connect, Jira Software, GitHub or other products, by providing metrics, visualization and trends. This comprehensive, forward-looking understanding of performance across teams enables product leaders to see clear measures for how efficient their current product development process really is — and signals for further efficiency gains.

Updates to Jama Connect radically improve how test data is handled: Live Traceability, one of the product’s most critical features, connects test plan and result details to requirements in a simple, real-time view. This gives end-to-end visibility to ongoing coverage, quality and compliance throughout the development process. Additionally, quality engineers now can easily access Review Center to share test plans, test cases and test results for approval, documentation and signoff.

Predictive Product Development helps navigate the unprecedented quantities of data that organizations are generating, transforming overhead into opportunity. By turning previously disjointed or unusable data into valuable insights, product leaders can shift development beyond the merely reactive and prescriptive — to the truly predictive. This new way of developing complex digital products informs practitioners and decision makers of potential risks and new opportunities. And new solutions, from Jama and other members of the ecosystem, will provide insights for continuous improvement, accelerate innovation and guide organizations towards the best possible business outcomes.

The Jama Product Development Platform unlocks the power of Predictive Product Development by bringing value to the entire development process — providing a combined workflow and content management platform that overlays all other tools and processes available to govern and predict current and future product development. From idea to launch to strategic decision-making about the next innovation, Jama provides the platform and tools that set a new standard for mitigating risk, improving quality and accelerating time to market.

“Jama recognizes that a product development platform must serve as the foundational basis for decision-making,” said Chris Armstrong, CityNOW Director of Smart Mobility, Panasonic Corporation of North America. “Jama’s holistic product development platform enables us to navigate the overwhelming quantity of development data and better manage our resources for faster, better decisions that impact product success. We’re excited to see how Jama Analyze and the Jama Connect enhancements will help us identify opportunities to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.”

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