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Kibo Launches New Commerce Platform Capabilities

Empowering Retailers to Provide Value Added Experiences Between Online and In-store Channels

DALLAS – May 30, 2018Kibo, the world’s leading cloud-based omnichannel commerce platform, today announced new capabilities to push the boundaries of the omnichannel shopping experience for consumers. The new features further close the gap between digital and in-store channels by enabling more autonomy for stores, improving convenience for consumers, and helping organizations scale their omnichannel initiatives with ease.

The new eCommerce and Order Management capabilities put Kibo in a unique position to support local store strategies, specifically for franchises, co-ops, and other regionally specific retailers by preserving their corporate branding consistency, while providing curated experiences that are aligned with a consumer’s local store or location.

“Whether because of the convenience, the tactile nature of some shopping needs or just habits and history, stores still generate the lion’s share of retail revenue,” said Jennifer Sherman, SVP of Product and Strategy at Kibo. “It is critical to not only drive in-store foot traffic and provide a seamless experience for consumers, but also to capitalize on the local innovation, services and character each store conveys, while still maintaining the brand integrity of the corporation. Stores can and should be a strategic asset in this day and age of digital, however the lack of integrated technology platforms has prevented local store strategies to be consistent with online digital channels. Kibo has broken this pattern, enabling retailers to provide a true end-to-end experience for shoppers that is curated around the local store.”

Empowering Stores Through Autonomy
Kibo’s new commerce platform capabilities empower stores to deploy local store strategies and initiatives on digital channels, including:

  • Store Level Pricing: Display store-specific or location-based pricing to consumers on their digital websites to help drive in-store traffic.
  • Client Specific Pricing: Help drive loyalty and curate experiences for a specific customer through specific online pricing targeted to the individual or business. These prices can even be specific to a store and a client, allowing stores the autonomy to negotiate their own rates with select businesses and shoppers.
  • Store Information Management: Deliver out of the box support for managing and customizing local store information, events, services or hours on corporate retail websites saving overhead while promoting the local presence.
  • Store Associate Notifications: We all know that stores aren’t warehouses. Associates serving shoppers don’t spend all day checking the system for orders to prepare. Now store managers and associates can opt in to text and/or email notifications when orders need to be prepared for shipping and pick up.

Convenience for the Shopper
Stores can be a tremendous source of convenience for the omnichannel shopper and Kibo has been investing in capabilities to spotlight and cash in on those competitive differentiators:

  • In-Store Assembly: Turn store staff skills into revenue and foot traffic. Not every store has the room or the skill set in-house but for those who do, shoppers love the convenience of preassembled product or other value-added services. Kibo can now manage lightweight assembly or product finishing when done in-store.
  • White Glove Home Delivery: For bulky product, upmarket offerings and more, buyers crave convenience. If a store manages a last mile delivery service, Kibo can up-sell this option to digital shoppers and track the service from shopper purchase to product drop off.
  • Location Filtering: For those shoppers who need that little black dress for a party tonight or the grill for a barbecue this weekend, Kibo eCommerce can now allow shoppers to indicate their location and browse and shop only for product available now in their local store. This powerful integration proves the value of digital and store alignment by giving shoppers the assurance they deserve and stores the traffic they need.

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