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Mintigo Launches Predictive Audiences: AI-Empowered ABM for Marketo

SAN MATEO, Calif., Jan. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mintigo, the leader of predictive marketing and sales technology, today announced the launch of Mintigo Predictive Audiences. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this solution allows customers of Marketo Inc., the leading provider of engagement marketing technology, to maximize their return from Account-based Marketing (ABM) investment.

Users of this new product will be able to access and target high-quality audiences generated with real-time first and third-party data. This solution addresses a pressing need for marketers -- discovering top accounts and gaining actionable, meaningful insights they can use to segment their account lists. Mintigo Predictive Audiences is an easy-to-use platform catering to small and growing companies seeking to drive greater returns from ABM.

In 2017, Mintigo was selected as one of Marketo's five inaugural partners of the Accelerate program. Mintigo Predictive Audiences integrates seamlessly and deeply with two of Marketo's key products: Marketo Engagement Platform and Marketo ABM. Marketers leveraging these integrations can run end-to-end ABM seamlessly through the connected systems. For growing companies, this product offering provides a quick start to ABM. With the ability to select the right audiences based on holistic data and algorithmic predictions, marketers will be able to see a significant lift from their ABM efforts.

Mintigo's proprietary technology ranks and scores over 50 million companies globally to find the right target accounts for customers. By utilizing data and pattern recognition, driven by machines using predictive analytics, customers can intelligently identify the accounts with the highest propensity to close, the largest deal sizes, or the shortest sales cycles -- depending on what the objective is. The data used includes but is not limited to technographic, firmographic, hiring and buying intent signals from companies. The solution continually enriches account records in real-time with these numerous characteristics of each target account.

"It is great to see two of the most innovative players in MarTech come together," comments Mike Goldgof, Vice President Marketing at WhiteHat Security, a joint customer of Mintigo and Marketo. "Mintigo Predictive Audiences adds a predictive layer on Marketo's product suite, making it easier for marketers to drive success with ABM."

"Marketers are spending a lot of resources and efforts on implementing ABM. The one key missing ingredient is the discovery and targeting of the right audience," says Jacob Shama, CEO and Co-founder at Mintigo. "This is where AI and Mintigo Predictive Audiences can make a huge difference in driving the best quality audiences for each ABM campaign."

Mintigo Predictive Audiences is available to Marketo customers beginning Monday, January 22, 2018. For more information, please contact


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