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Monetate and AgilOne Team Up to Deliver Smarter Personalization

Partnership provides brands with unparalleled customer intelligence and actionable insights across all channels

NEW YORK--()--Monetate, the worldwide leader in personalization software for consumer-facing brands, today announced a strategic partnership with AgilOne, the premier customer data platform for B2C enterprises. Through this partnership, Monetate will provide clients with smarter personalization – including rich, comprehensive customer profiles, orchestrated omnichannel engagement, and unparalleled intelligence on who customers are and what they need right now – so brands can match the right content with the right individual to drive engagement, conversions, and revenue lift.

Today @Monetate and @AgilOne announced a strategic partnership

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Personalization and profitability are inherently linked, but in their quest for success, marketers face challenges harnessing data. In fact, in Monetate’s 2nd Annual Personalization Development Study, marketers identified data quality as the number one challenge to their personalization efforts. To help brands overcome this, AgilOne stitches, cleanses, and dedupes data across digital and physical channels, resulting in a single customer view that includes advanced AI-driven insights. This highly precise data enables Monetate’s products to drive, measure, and report personalized experiences in real-time across any channel, thus delivering accurate and actionable insights to customers.

“Monetate is paving the way for what’s possible in personalization, which not only means creating leading edge products, but also teaming up with innovative and complementary companies,” said Maribeth Ross, senior vice president of marketing at Monetate. “The partnership with AgilOne enhances our capabilities and provides our clients with unmatched customer intelligence and advanced real-time recommendations.”

Monetate’s partnership with AgilOne arms marketers with high quality data and easy-to-understand insights. Several joint customers are already experiencing the benefits, including:

  • Online/offline customer insights: Gain a single view into customers’ digital and in-store activities across the entire journey. Better attribute behaviors to purchases and identify customer patterns for personalized marketing by removing information silos.
  • Customer value analysis: Combine data captured in stores with digital activities to identify current and potential high-value customers. Understand key metrics such as lifetime value and average order value (AOV) as they apply across channels.
  • Consistent, orchestrated personalization across engagement channels: Ensure consistent messaging, experiences, and offers at the individual level across all channels. Deploy a broad set of capabilities directly at the point of customer engagement or embed personalization within key proprietary systems.
  • Learn, improve, and scale what works: Test different approaches and learn how and why each approach resonates with some customers more than with others. Deploy automation to scale efforts to reach more customers and amplify results.

“AgilOne was founded with one mission – to restore the deeply personal relationships companies once had with their customers before multiple channels and data siloes got in the way,” said Omer Artun, CEO of AgilOne. “Through our partnership with Monetate, we are increasing the personal relevance of each customer interaction, and enabling greater consistency and orchestration of customer experiences across channels.”

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About Monetate
Monetate, the global leader in personalization software for consumer-facing brands, enables marketers to create truly individual experiences that surprise and delight every customer, increasing engagement and improving performance.

The Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine makes it easy to test and optimize, segment and target, and even create true 1-to-1 experiences. With all this in one personalization solution, marketers have the flexibility to leverage proven approaches to improve the customer experience across web, email, mobile apps, in-store, and other touch points. The Engine also covers all aspects of the customer’s experience with your brand, from content and creative to product recommendations and offers.

The most complete, powerful, and easiest solution for optimizing and personalizing your customers’ experiences, Monetate’s platform is:

  • Open, so you can use all of your data wherever it sits, push a decision to any touchpoint, and pull the results back into your data/analytics infrastructure
  • Real-time, to enable interactions based on a customer’s in-session behavioral and event data that get their attention in increasingly narrow buying windows
  • Simple, making it easy to increase the relevance of offers, creative, and products you put in front of your customers
  • Powered by Artificial intelligence, giving you the power to operate at 1-to-1 scale, for real

Founded in 2008, with offices in the U.S. and Europe, Monetate is used by leading brands around the world and influences billions of dollars in revenue every year for QVC, Newegg, Timberland, Carnival, The North Face, and hundreds of other market leaders.

About AgilOne
AgilOne is the leading customer data platform for enterprise B2C companies. AgilOne's vision is to restore the personal relationships companies once had with customers before channel-specific marketing silos got in the way. AgilOne enables a single customer view through a best of breed identity resolution engine used on first party customer data. Machine learning and analytical algorithms enhance customer data leveraged through real-time APIs and orchestrated across all touchpoints. AgilOne helps brands build authentic omni-channel customer relationships that maximize lifetime value. The AgilOne Customer Data Platform supports more than 150 brands worldwide including lululemon, Hugo Boss, Tumi, Joann, Schwan’s and Nine West.


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