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Delivering the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise

EIM and the Intelligent Information Core

It is a new world. The Latin term for this is Mundus Novus. In the new world, industries are facing a series of challenging macro-trends as they transform into Intelligent and Connected Enterprises. The demands of a Millennial workforce, the relentless threat of cyberattack, changing modes of work and complex regulatory environments are changing the ways that businesses operate. Industry 4.0 has introduced new business models, created cyber-currencies and changed the nature of conflict, society and security.

Organizations must use new technologies to unlock the power of information, become more intelligent and connected and drive engagement with customers, partners and employees.

OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) enables the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise with machines (automation), artificial intelligence (AI), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and data management combined into an intelligent information core. These capabilities bring together information from both humans and machines so that it can be securely managed, stored and accessed—and mined with analytics for actionable insights.

The Intelligent Information Core

At OpenText, we follow the big data—unstructured content that ranges from customer information and case files, to employee information, transactions and interactions along the supply chain to information used to manage assets such as planes, trains, automobiles, nuclear power plants, oil rigs to industry accelerators like IT and innovation platforms.

Our comprehensive EIM product portfolio combines digital applications with an information platform, bringing together Content Services, Security, the Business Network, the IoT and the Developer for optimized customer experience, employee engagement, asset utilization and supply chain efficiency.

With more information generated than ever before, Content Services such as Extended Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and records management integrate with SAP and manage the entire lifecycle of information—in its many formats (including both structured and unstructured)—from creation through to disposition.

The OpenText EIM platform offers multi-level, multi-role, multi context Security to make it the most secure information platform in the world. Information is secured at the database level, by user enrolled security, context rights and time-based security. EIM supports single sign-on for system protection and encryption at rest for document-level security.

The OpenText Business Network supports intelligent connections at a global scale, with more than 24 billion transactions a year, $8 trillion in annual commerce and more than 600,000 trading partners, providing a proven foundation for digital business and secure e-commerce.

With our cloud-based Internet of Things platform, the enterprise can dynamically integrate multi-tiered supply chain communities and build IoT solutions for greater efficiency, agility and new value-added services. Information from any machine is supported, whether it’s a smart machine, industrial machinery or an automotive or medical device.

The Developer is critical to the development of secure-from-day-1 applications. The OpenText EIM platform expands its low-code development capabilities with additional out-of-the-box integrations designed to support the Developer with a unified application development environment.

To simplify consumption and offer our customers greater flexibility, our EIM suite is available on-premises, in the OpenText Cloud or as a SaaS offering with content services available in the cloud with OpenText OT2.

OpenText EIM delivers the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise. Together with the OpenText Enterprise Cloud, it helps organizations in every industry collaborate with confidence, validate endpoints with machines and the IoT, stay ahead of the regulatory technology curve, identify threats that cross their networks, leverage discovery with information forensics and gain insight and action through AI and automation.

As we head into an information-infused future, it will be critical for the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise to capitalize on the potential of its information to succeed. This is the topic of my next post.

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