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Oracle Looking For a Slice of Salesforce's CRM Market


  • Exponential cloud sales growth leading sales pipeline.
  • NetSuite acquisition positions growth in small to medium business.
  • nFusz' s notifiCRM April product launch could galvanize sales.
  • Acquisitions in "applications" key to growth.

Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) is making a push in Software as a Service ("SaaS"), competing against entrenched stalwart’s like (NYSE:CRM) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). Since 2016, ORCL has been making steady gains in the cloud computing market. As a percentage of sales, it has increased from 8 % to 16%. Investors are interested in what killer apps or acquisitions are going to drive future sales. Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) is becoming the new buzzword as ORCL tries to capitalize on its strengths to improve customer resource management. More businesses want something that is scalable but they also want solutions. EPR offers a great platform but now businesses want the solutions in the form of an “app.” These SaaS solutions are what is driving the growth at ORCL. We are going to break down a couple of ideas.

Room to Grow
Oracle is well positioned to grow their cloud business because of their existing customer base. They have many clients in the sweet spot transitioning to cloud services and modernizing their enterprise solutions because it’s so much cheaper than maintaining an IT department that has to constantly assess all the cyber threats out there. ORCL is in the middle of that shift right now and their marketing strategy is very simple. All they have to do is sell to their existing customer base. That means they need to have the product offerings their customers want when they do the upgrades. Investors should look for an increase in cloud adoption along with an increase in contract size, which is the sign that the transition is taking place. Therefore the key for ORCL to succeed in this migration is to have the right product offerings.

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