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Prepare for Digital Asset Management Implementation With a Playbook



Digital asset management (DAM) can be an intimidating subject.

The goal is clear. Help people find and use the digital assets they need. But the metadata, taxonomy, roles, permissions, and integrations to make that possible can give even the savviest teams hesitation. Then you factor in the unique organizational structures, workflows, technologies, and change management and it’s no surprise that some DAM programs stall.

We’re here to tell you it’s possible to keep implementation of your DAM system on track. Many others have been in your position, grappling with its complexity, and have worked their way through it. Not only did New Balance implement a new DAM system with around 60,000 assets to approximately 1,000 global users in under four months, but they also won an award for their work!

No two DAM implementations are the same, but you can learn from others’ success. So, we’ve packaged up best practices and processes we’ve developed alongside our customers in the Digital Asset Management Implementation Playbook. This playbook outlines the key things you can do to make things go smoothly before, during, and after DAM implementation.

Before: Planning for implementation
Planning is an important part of your DAM system implementation. It can mean the difference between a long, arduous launch or a clearly executed and optimized launch. At this stage you’ll tackle questions like:

  • Who will be using your DAM system
  • What types of formats of assets will go in your DAM system
  • Where are your existing assets located today
  • How do your users want to interact with your assets
  • What’s your vision statement for DAM

During: Key components of the implementation process
Once you’ve done some due diligence and asset preparation, you’re ready to start the actual implementation process. During implementation you’ll:

  • Create an implementation schedule with milestones
  • Review system functionality
  • Structure and configure your site
  • Establish governance
  • Apply and extract metadata
  • Choose a DAM system admin
  • Train system admins and users

After: Keeping your DAM system functional and usable
DAM is an ongoing program. Through continual site maintenance, audits, training, and user engagement tactics, you can help ensure that your DAM goals are met, year after year. Keeping your DAM system functional and usable includes:

  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual ongoing site maintenance tasks
  • Conducting periodic site audits and refreshes
  • Ongoing user training
  • User engagement and adoption

Download the Implementation Playbook

Does your organization need a DAM system but you don’t have the bandwidth to implement it right now? Ask your Widen advisor about our Professional Services. We offer full-service implementation and full-service data migration.

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