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Move Over, Dropbox - Announcing PreVeil Drive's Encrypted File Sharing. Because Hackers Can't Steal What They Can't See

Cyber security thought leader Admiral James Stavridis, the 16th Supreme Allied Commander at NATO, joins Board of PreVeil as company launches its latest entry in data security for business

BOSTON, March 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Financial documents. HR files. Product specs. All stored by businesses everywhere on Dropbox, Box, and other popular cloud-based services – despite the impact of high-profile breaches on their users. Now, there's an alternative, protected by a triple play of security: end to end encryption, distributed trust and no passwords: PreVeil Drive encrypts files and lets users store, share, and access them anywhere. Based on tech developed at MIT, Drive joins PreVeil's premium encrypted email service, raising the bar on data security for business. For a limited time, PreVeil is offering enterprises use of its encrypted email, as well as free file sharing of 1GB per user of encrypted file storage on Drive. PreVeil email and PreVeil Drive work on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

"PreVeil was developed by world-class cryptographers. It uses an end to end security model that protects data against server compromise, and ensures that keys are securely managed across devices," said Matt Green, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute, cryptographer and security technologist. "This ability to securely manage encrypted email and file storage across many devices is part of what makes PreVeil unique in the cyber security market."

Cloud storage services from Google, Microsoft, Box, and Dropbox use an old security paradigm that has fundamental vulnerabilities. Their security architecture allows them to read users' information and so can anyone who hacks them. PreVeil's three-fold security combines end-to-end encryption, the "gold standard" for cyber security, with distributed trust that ensures no one administrator is a gateway for hackers, and finally, eliminates the need for passwords, a common security weak point. Nobody outside of the enterprise – not even PreVeil – can read business' files. This holds true even when the server is breached; as PreVeil CEO Randy Battat says, "the idea behind PreVeil's approach to data security is that hackers cannot steal what they cannot see."

Global expert in geopolitical and cyber security Admiral James Stavridis, who served as the 16th Supreme Allied Commander at NATO, sees cyber crime as a primary national security threat. And, he notes, "Part of that threat is an unfortunate complaisance by the very companies holding data vital to the corporate infrastructure of the American economy."

"As we witness one high profile breach after another, it is clear that companies must do their part to make America safer, by protecting their own data. This starts with end-to-end encryption of emails and documents," said Admiral Stavridis. "After searching for several years for a company capable of creating what I consider to be a truly viable solution, I have decided to join the board of directors of PreVeil. I believe PreVeil has created the kind of technology that can revolutionize data protection – something deeply needed for our increasingly interconnected world."

"As the CEO of a business with valuable intellectual property, I cringe when I think about all the sensitive information that companies store on platforms vulnerable to attack," said Randy Battat, CEO of PreVeil. "From my fellow entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, everyone has documents that if exposed, would damage their businesses. That's why we created PreVeil Drive (and email as well): ironclad protection with easy access to corporate data."
For more information on how your business can PreVeil, check out their blog, and follow the company on Twitter @EndtoEndEncrypt and on LinkedIn.  

About PreVeil
PreVeil provides enterprises with private and protected email and files – with unmatched ease of use. PreVeil's proprietary combination of end to end encryption, distributed trust and elimination of passwords ensures data is protected even when the server is breached. Learn more at, join the conversation on Twitter @EndtoEndEncrypt, and follow PreVeil on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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