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SDL Trados Studio 2019 is Now Available

Redefining the User Experience to Deliver Better Translation Results

July 26, 2018, Maidenhead, UK - SDL (LSE: SDL), a leader in global content management, translation and digital experience, today announced the availability of SDL Trados Studio 2019, the industry’s most popular Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) software. Designed to improve the user experience, the latest version of SDL Trados Studio transforms how new users get started and helps advanced users get more from SDL Trados Studio 2019 and its powerful features, increasing productivity levels for the whole translation team, and delivering unrivalled quality in translations. 

SDL Trados Studio 2019 builds on SDL Trados Studio 2017’s innovative technology, introducing smart new features, including ‘Guidance on Demand’ and ‘Tell Me,’ to improve translators’ productivity by helping them find features fast. Plus a re-invented project creation wizard, more flexible quality assurance checks and enhanced translation memory management enable localization teams to easily maintain the highest standards. 

“We’re always investing in ideas and ways to make translations and project management a quick, smooth and effortless experience for translators,” said Massimo Ghislandi, EVP Translation Productivity, SDL. “SDL Trados Studio 2019 focuses on the user experience, balancing powerful features with simplicity – ultimately helping localization teams meet the challenges of the industry, and giving translators the CAT tool they need to be even more effective.” 

The latest features include: 

Guidance on Demand 

  • SDL has introduced an easier, more intuitive way for beginners to learn the basics quickly and help them begin translating immediately. Help and guidance can be accessed at any point and in context to the activity the user is performing and it provides additional support to intermediate and advanced users who are looking to discover new features. The moment SDL Trados Studio 2019 launches, translators are guided through each area with tutorial videos and handy tips, providing guidance on how to use the translation editor, create and manage projects, and ultimately get the most from their translation assets.

Instant Access to Everything 

  • SDL Trados Studio 2019 offers a simple and fast route to finding out more about the latest powerful functionality with the new ‘Tell Me’ feature. Commands and settings can be accessed four times faster than in previous versions. Translators can simply ask SDL Trados Studio 2019 what they need to know, and the technology will highlight and help them discover, and access, any part of the software. Even the most advanced user will benefit from having instant access to all functionality, which saves time navigating through menus and settings, and eliminates unnecessary navigation clicks. 

Effortless Project Management 

  • With translators facing a 70% increase in micro translations, streamlining project management is more important than ever, according to an SDL TTI Study. The new project management interface reduces the number of clicks needed to create a new project by 28%, according to an SDL Trados Studio 2019 Productivity Study, which demonstrates productivity increases compared to previous versions of SDL Trados Studio. More complex or unique projects can also be easily mapped out, giving complete visibility – at a glance – of the translation, configuration, and any other settings that may be required. Making updates to projects has also been simplified. It is now up to 81% faster to add new translations, reference files or update the files already in a project, according to the SDL Trados Studio 2019 Productivity Study.

Higher Quality Assured 

  • SDL Trados Studio 2019 also offers simple ways to assure higher quality translations. This is vital as our customers tell us that quality is six times more important than cost, according to an SDL TTI study. Quality Assurance (QA) checks are more powerful and flexible than ever, and the software includes new ways to customize settings for each language. This enables translators to efficiently handle language-specific aspects – such as punctuation, numbers, word lists and regular expressions – and fine-tune settings to ensure more accurate QA check results, and higher quality translations across all languages.

Improved Translation Memory (TM) Management 

  • Translators also benefit from more control over their Translation Memory Editor, saving time on maintaining assets – a key element of ensuring the highest translation quality. Translators can now view up to 1,000 translation units per page, navigate to a specific page or directly to the last page of a TM. This makes it quicker and easier to organize TMs, and change and update translations. Keeping TMs up to date with the latest, most accurate translation becomes a less time consuming task. 

One customer, Peter Kahl, Director, PMK Information Services Ltd, who took part in testing the software explains how it will make his life easier: “SDL Trados Studio 2019 is much more focused on the user experience, providing the ability for users to become proficient easier and existing users to become more efficient quicker. I can see it is going to make life much simpler.”


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