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SDL Translation Management and Your eCommerce Platform

SDL has been assisting leading eCommerce companies in a variety of ways when it comes to providing content to their global audiences. One important area we help retailers is support for continuous localization so they can operate in an agile manner, but we also support retailers in other ways too. Did you know that SDL integrates our translation management interface into leading eCommerce platforms?

This means SDL makes it easy to translate your eCommerce content to reach global markets. You no longer have to use a manual process (probably historically done via email) outside of your eCommerce platform to get your content translated.

With an integration with our translation management technology, it makes it easy to do the following:

  • Go to market faster: When launching new products into your different global markets, you can request translations via your eCommerce platform. When the translations are complete, you can approve them to be used in your next global launch.
  • Translate all your content: By integrating your translation management technology with your eCommerce platform, you’ll be able to translate more than what can be done through a manual process.

While we integrate with a variety of eCommerce platforms, I wanted to highlight two platforms that SDL clients have invested in:

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Available on the LINK Marketplace, the SDL Translation Management integration creates a seamless environment for translating your eCommerce assets, including product, categories and content assets. Besides the basics of being able to manage your translation projects, SDL also included a few features to make it easier for Commerce Cloud users. We’ve added dynamic search and filtering to mirror the way you look up your assets, as well as embedding all the translation project information so it is all within one place.
  • SAP Hybris Commerce: Available as an extension to SAP Hybris Commerce customers, this makes it easier to release assets related to new products, product variants and promotions that are translated within the SAP Hybris environment. SAP Hybris customers can submit assets from the Hybris Commerce product or web content management cockpit for translation directly into SDL. And once the translation is complete, they’re notified that it’s ready to use.

Learn more about how SDL’s leading translation management technology can help you build local relationships for specific eCommerce platforms.


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