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Scalefast Announces $8M Series A Funding Round, Led by Benhamou Global Ventures

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It is an exciting day at Scalefast, as we announce our $8 million Series A Funding round, led by Benhamou Global Ventures, with participation from Adara Ventures, B&Y, French Partners and CIC Capital.

In the $2T digital commerce market, only about one third of brands have an online store, often because they don't have the right platform, business infrastructure and team to handle it alone. At Scalefast, we believe that brands don't have to be held back by these challenges and that the ecommerce solution brands adopt need to be reliable and constantly innovating so they can continue offering consumers a superior shopping experience. 

We plan to focus heavily on strengthening our Client Success team and introducing new products to help our customers establish deep one-to-one relationships with their own customers, in turn, fueling online revenue growth and retention. More resources will be put toward further advancement of our ecommerce personalization technology, which allows brands to understand what motivates their customers and to act on those insights using artificial intelligence and consumer behavior data to create a more personalized shopping experience.

For more information, you can find the full press release on Business Wire.

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