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Siteimprove SEO: Because Getting Found Online Has Never Been More Important

Copenhagen, Denmark – April 26, 2018 –Today, Siteimprove launched an advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) product module marking an important milestone in the ongoing development of the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform, the company’s core software suite that is now used by more than 6,500 organizations around the world to manage their websites.

Siteimprove SEO provides companies and organizations a structured approach to SEO that makes it easier for digital managers and their teams to take on the important, yet notoriously complex challenge of mastering SEO to increase online visibility and connect with more potential customers and users.

“In today’s digital world, search engines are an absolute necessity in selling to, or communicating with, potential customers. After all, what’s the point of creating high quality digital content if no one pays attention to what happens after you click ‘publish’? That’s why having a smart approach to SEO is just as important as developing good content,” says Morten Ebbesen, CEO of Siteimprove.

Over the last decade search engines have fundamentally changed the way people think, behave, and form opinions. Today, 81% of consumers for example, research and compare products online before making a purchase and in B2B context, this number jumps to 94%. Companies know they need to be where people search, but simply being indexed by search engines, is not enough.

“They say the best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google, because the first 10 search engine results page get 95% of the traffic. So, if you’re not listed on the first page, chances are that for some people, you don’t really exist,” says Morten Ebbesen and continues: “Fixing this isn’t easy because search algorithms and rules are constantly changing and competition for attention is fierce. Also, teams are often working in a counterproductive way, simply because one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. With Siteimprove SEO we are directly addressing these challenges by making them understandable and manageable for digital teams of all sizes and backgrounds.”

Siteimprove SEO empowers users to audit the search engine readiness of their website using 66 different checks divided into four categories: Technical, Content, User Experience and Mobile. The results from these checks are translated into an overall SEO score plus sub-scores for each category. Based on this knowledge users receive practical and actionable recommendations on what they should prioritize fixing.

Ironically, it’s often busy digital teams themselves that prevent their website from achieving better visibility. Siteimprove SEO centers around Activity Plans, customizable workflows that merge different data typically pulled from five different SEO tools, including competitor analysis, keyword monitoring, content optimization, and more. With all insights in one place, teams create transparency across roles, departments or regions, and are able to work smarter. And these features have already received a warm welcome from a number of customers who have tested Siteimprove SEO over the last few months.

“I believe Siteimprove’s new SEO offering will have a huge, positive impact on our daily work. Activity Plans help us divide and prioritize our SEO efforts and I’m really impressed by the Competitor Analysis data because it’s displayed in a clear and useful way. Keyword Insights is another feature I can definitely use on an everyday basis. For example, to keep an eye on how we rank on different SEO keywords and then focus my efforts accordingly,” says Hasse Hansen from Digital Marketing in Ruko, a Danish Siteimprove customer.

Through a direct integration of Google’s Search Console, Siteimprove SEO also helps you understand how the world’s most popular search engine and its users see and find your website. Learning which queries and terms made your site appear in search results, enables you to understand your audience better, avoid jargon, and truly speak their language. In this way, Siteimprove SEO allows you to discover new, potentially traffic-driving keywords and filter them based on your strategy.

According to industry research done by Siteimprove using the company’s Digital Certainty Index™ (DCI™) framework, SEO is both one of the most talked about, but also least understood aspects of operating a website. In a recent survey that specifically assesses the SEO capabilities of the 15 largest retailers across Germany, France and the United Kingdom, the overall DCI™ Score was found to be 80 and the specific score for SEO 82. Siteimprove’s benchmark categorizes a score between 71-80 as “Medium,” and 81-90 as “Good” meaning that large retailers are in the low end of the “Good” score with a lot of room to improve before reaching “Very Good”, let alone “World Class.”

About Siteimprove SEO
Siteimprove SEO empowers you to audit your website’s search engine performance using 66 checks that are translated into an overall SEO Score plus sub-scores for relevant key areas. Based on this ‘knowledge foundation’, you are given actionable recommendations making it easy to discover, prioritize and tackle daily SEO issues. Identified problems can be marked as focus issues in your Activity Plans, a key product feature that addresses the fact that many digital teams lack transparency and an effective SEO workflow across job roles, departments and regions. Activity Plans merge insights in one place allowing teams to work smarter, not harder to help get their website found. Through a direct integration of Google’s Search Console, Siteimprove SEO also helps you understand how the world’s number one search engine and its users find your website. This enables you to identify new, potentially traffic-driving keywords and filter them based on your strategy.

About Siteimprove A/S
We’re a people-centric company driven by digital certainty. We’ve helped more than 6,500 organizations transform the way they manage and deliver their digital presence. The digital age has made us more connected, informed, and mobile. However, it’s easy to lose visibility of your digital presence and strategic goals. Between our intelligent automation software and a crew of knowledgeable experts, we help organizations find the clarity they need to achieve digital certainty every day.

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