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Study Quantifies Impact of SDL Tridion DX and Language Solutions on Global Content Delivery and Digital Experience

MAIDENHEAD, England, February 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Brands Can Experience 112% ROI with Payback in 15 Months and Expected Benefits of up to $8.3 million 

SDL, a leader in global content management, translation and digital experience, today released a Forrester Consulting's Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) commissioned study, demonstrating the benefits that brands can expect from using SDL's integrated solutions - SDL Tridion DX and SDL Language Technology and Services to enhance digital experience and customer journeys.

According to the Forrester Consulting study, "The Total Economic Impact™ Of SDL Tridion DX Content Management And Language Technology & Services," SDL contributes to "ease of expansion, improved quality, and improved consistency of sites," supporting a substantial web traffic increase. Interviewing customers from various industries, Forrester Consulting indicates that customers can expect a three year return on investment (ROI) of 112%, and payback within 15 months; and over the course of three years total benefits of $8.3 million vs. costs of $3.9 million, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $4.4 million.  

Available today, the study provides a quantitative analysis of overall benefits derived from implementing a global content operating model (GCOM), which alleviates organizational, technical, and localization challenges to enable global greater brand consistency, improved customer experience, and operational efficiency.

Further benefits highlighted in the study include:

  • Expand Your Footprint: 
    Brands find it easier to create and update website content with SDL solutions, enabling faster expansion into new regions and product categories. On average, companies experience 20% year-over-year traffic growth and attribute 25% of that growth to SDL.
  • Support More Content: 
    Brands can support 70% more content output (creation and delivery) without increasing the size of the team by realizing 42% efficiencies over three years - all by using SDL's solutions to centralize and standardize content management.
  • Automate Localization: 
    Over the course of three years, companies can expect $1.1 million in localization cost savings due to automated workflows and project tracking, with 34% leveraging translation memory to reduce word count costs and duplicate efforts.

As one interviewed customer stated, "We ended up with between 2,000 and 3,000 microsites which individual country, business division, and product teams would create because they couldn't get what they wanted out of the core web platform. So now, between the components and the templates we have, SDL will solve those needs," Senior VP of web and digital marketing, an Energy Management Company.

"We've long championed the idea for brands to build a robust GCOM strategy that manages security, localization, compliance, and workflows to deliver culturally relevant digital experiences - at global-local scale," said Arjen van den Akker, Director Product Marketing, SDL. "This study validates and quantifies the concept, and offers insights into the way brands can realize substantial efficiencies and business gains when entering new markets."

SDL Tridion DX is a digital experience suite that comprises of SDL Tridion Sites for web experience management - used by the interviewed organizations in this study - and SDL Tridion Docs for structured content management. It enables organizations to manage and deliver content-driven digital experiences on a global scale across the pre-sale, sale and post-sale phases of the customer journey on any channel or device. This is possible because Tridion DX's headless (API-first) approach to content, as well as through implementation accelerators for best practice web and mobile experiences.  

SDL Language Technology and Services provide powerful translation management capabilities, machine translation, translation productivity and localization services to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver localized content across platforms and channels.

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