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How Marketers are Using AI and Machine Learning to Accelerate Content Velocity

Machine learning makes metadata tagging less tedious and manual editing obsolete.

While it may sound extreme, this scenario is no doubt very familiar to marketers. Campaigns can involve endless hours spent tagging photos, searching assets, and editing images. With the need for new content and the number of channels always expanding, preparing marketing collateral without the right automation tools in place can quickly become overwhelming.

But with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, this kind of time-intensive manual work may soon become obsolete. AI and machine learning bring a level of automation to the marketing process that allows creative teams and marketers to work together more efficiently to create compelling digital experiences, so you can spend more time being creative and less time on tedious work that doesn’t drive ROI.

Adobe Sensei, our AI and machine-learning technology, is the secret weapon if you want to automate the tedious processes essential to any digital marketing campaign. By simply tapping into machine learning, it’s easy to streamline and enhance a host of marketing tasks, providing a level of efficiency to content creation and campaign optimization that would be difficult for humans to achieve on their own.

Mercedes Benz embraces AI

Many of our customers, including Mercedes-Benz, have adopted Adobe Sensei to streamline workflows between their creative and marketing teams and to boost efficiency in asset management and delivery.

Our tools have empowered Mercedes to create fully responsive personal experiences, providing users with access to the most current, up-to-date digital marketing assets that can be seamlessly shared between — and collaborated upon — by both creative and marketing teams. Mercedes also can leverage “experience fragments” to personalize its content for display across channels — like web, mobile, email, social, and digital signage — without having to pre-create device-specific layouts or update any code.

Natanael Sijanta, the company’s director of global marketing communications, recognizes that automation is the only option for companies trying to target millions of consumers in various demographics around the world.

“We are in a transition process from marketing that came from a gut feeling to marketing that’s based on facts and figures,” Natandal said during a demo at Adobe Summit, our annual digital marketing conference. “The challenge with all this content reach on a global level is to deliver the right content, at the right point in time, to the right customer.”

Using machine learning is the only way of differentiating content at scale so that Mercedes can keep its diverse, global audience engaged.

Easily find and edit the perfect image for every project

Like the Mercedes example illustrates, machine learning has several advantages, but it can really drive your marketing efforts in two key ways: content editing and organizing metadata.

Adobe Sensei works with Adobe Experience Manager Assets to increase the efficiency of marketing efforts by automating key parts of campaign creation. Imagine if you could have photos automatically edited, cropped, and resized, or if AI could quickly tag all your assets without any input or direction.

Experience Manager Assets enables marketers to auto-identify products, apply attributes and metadata, automatically crop imagery to appropriate standard sizes, deliver images and video, and automatically convert assets to different formats in real time, and more.

Smart Tags powered by Adobe Sensei makes it easier to find and organize assets using metadata. The feature automatically adds keywords and tags to all assets either upon ingestion or via workflow, boosting searchability and reducing time spent organizing and looking for assets. Marketing teams can customize their Smart Tags as well — the custom tags option allows for the creation of keywords based on unique corporate taxonomy. Marketers need only 20 or 25 images to train the model to accurately apply the custom keywords.

Cropping one or two images is easy, but cropping thousands of images multiple times for different media channels is overwhelming. Adobe Sensei can analyze images and crop them to a given form factor, like a banner ad, an email campaign, or an app. And whether a human or an algorithm is cropping an image, Experience Manager can automatically adjust the aspect ratio, ensuring you always have the highest-quality image. All of these different crops, sizes, and resolutions could quickly clutter your DAM. But working within Experience Manager Sites, creative teams can drop in images edited with our Smart Crop features and use pre-built dynamic media components to create these variations — without cluttering up your DAM with endless versions and renditions. Dynamic media empowers organizations to store an image once, and easily get exactly the crop, size, and resolution you need for any use — automatically upon delivery.

Machine learning also can help you create new content to enhance campaigns. For example, if you want to add a product in a different color to your website but only have a photo of the product in black, you can use machine learning to alter the photo using image modifiers to realistically display it in blue, red, green, or any other color or material. This can be done at scale for thousands of images, eliminating the need for extensive photo shoots or costly reshoots.

AI boosts ROI

Machine-learning tools are equipped to tackle the array of challenges you face as a marketer. While change can be difficult, it’s often worth it, as AI-driven tools can be incorporated into every step of your existing workflows to drive increased automation, efficiency, and scale.

Machine learning and AI not only save time, but also boost ROI for marketing campaigns, freeing both creatives and marketers to work on more fulfilling, revenue-generating tasks. With AI, you’ll finally have the time and energy to design more creative and elaborate campaigns, as well as the tools to optimize current campaigns across new platforms and markets.

In this accelerating world of digital content creation, these technologies are indispensable tools for you to create, manage, and deliver digital experiences with maximum velocity.

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