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Webdam Teams up with Bynder to Create Super Team


Whether on the ball field or in the business world, a good competitor makes you a stronger player. They challenge every move, find your weak spots and motivate your best performance.

Today, Webdam joins forces with our strongest competitor, Bynder. Since arriving on the digital asset management (DAM) scene in 2013, Bynder has been shaking up the industry. From the beginning, their innovation, elegant interface and charming brand challenged us to do better.

When offered the chance to work together, we agreed. It was clear our combined teams could go after this market in ways that others couldn’t. The DAM category is evolving fast. Marketers today are producing more digital content than ever before, and distributing it across an increasingly complex web of platforms and channels. As a result, digital asset management has moved to the heart of marketing technology where it must scale to support activities across and beyond the enterprise.

Stronger Together

Webdam and Bynder share the same DNA. Both are driven by a desire to challenge the status quo and have an ambition to innovate. This partnership means the best players and products are going to be under one roof to serve a global list of more than 1,200 customers. With Webdam’s market leadership in North America, and Bynder’s in EMEA, the unified organization is positioned to lead DAM into the future as a global powerhouse.

Fond Farewell

Shutterstock has been a great home for Webdam for the last four years. They invested in the business during a time of intense innovation that resulted in 620% revenue growth. It’s been a rewarding time for us both.

Looking ahead, both companies agreed a partner completely focused on the DAM market was the best fit for Webdam’s next chapter. We’ll continue to have a special relationship with Shutterstock, teaming closely to serve our mutual clients. There will be no change to the integrated offerings we provide them.

Looking Forward

In the battle for customer attention and engagement, creative content makes all the difference. Our customers want to get as much value and impact as possible from the digital experiences they’re creating. So a system to create, manage and connect visual assets has become a priority for marketing and creative teams.

Webdam and Bynder both saw this coming. Each company built great products. But the opportunity has grown even bigger than we imagined. With our combined strengths, we expect great things and a very bright future.

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