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Why Brands Should Combine Content Management and Language

Any investment can be daunting. Especially one that holds the potential to catapult your brand on the global stage, engage with customers in exciting new ways – and ultimately – grow sales. There’s now 5,381 marketing technology solutions on the market. Up 40% from the previous year, according to Scott Brinker’s 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. That’s an incredible amount of solutions to consider when you think about it. If you’re looking to enter a new country, engage with customers in their own language, and their device of choice, you need to be sure that what you’re investing in will not just work – but provide experiences customers expect.

Championing Content and Language
We’ve long championed the need for brands to understand the inextricable link between content management and localization solutions – particularly when engaging with customers in new markets and languages. It’s not just us saying it. Forrester recently stated that “Mature digital businesses are investing in modern localization technology and services to enter new global markets and win customers with efficiently translated content,” according to Forrester’s Vendor Landscape: Language Services And Translation Management Vendors report.

It’s why we commissioned analyst firm Forrester Consulting to conduct a study looking at the impact, and total benefits brands can expect – over the course of three years – from a combination of SDL content management and language solutions.

What can brands expect?
The Total Economic Impact™ Of SDL Tridion DX and Language Technology and Services report (available here) involved multiple customers, across different industries, to better understand the benefits and costs associated with SDL’s solutions. This commissioned quantitative analysis from Forrester Consulting also describes the overall benefits derived from implementing a global content operating model (GCOM) – which addresses organizational, technical and localization issues associated with global brand consistency, improved customer experience and operational efficiency.

Below are some of the report’s key findings and benefits of adopting this approach to creating, managing and delivering digital experiences.

  • Expand Your Footprint:
    Brands find it easier to create and update website content with SDL solutions, enabling faster expansion into new regions and product categories. On average, companies experience 20% year-over-year traffic growth and attribute 25% of that growth to SDL.
  • Support More Content:
    Brands can support 70% more content output (creation and delivery) without increasing the size of the team by realizing 42% efficiencies over three years – all by using SDL’s solutions to centralize and standardize content management.
  • Automate Localization:
    Over the course of three years, companies can expect $1.1 million in localization cost savings due to automated workflows and project tracking, with 34% translation memory leverage reducing word count costs and duplicate efforts.

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