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Why Postponing DAM for Sitecore May be a Trojan Horse

Marketing and IT organizations and their suppliers seeking to implement new technology to improve marketing operations and customer experience are faced with many constraints. Due to time, budget and risk management, the scope is minimized, and effort is focused in improving only one piece of the puzzle, often leaving little room for looking at the bigger picture or maybe even just 1 or 2 steps down the road. As The Gartner Group continuously points out, organizations are prone to this monolithic approach, with lack of content reuse, no economies of scale and wasted resources being the first casualties.

No one gets sacked for delivering a project on time and budget, so why spend time thinking 1 step ahead? What if your competitors are smart spenders and gain advantages by being less short-sighted than you?

Rich media content is outgrowing other forms of digital communications because it has a higher impact. It’s more effective. When building new communications channels (websites, marketing automation, customer or partner portals etc.), it’s worth considering when it’s time to stop wasting marketing resources and starting your journey of implementing an efficient and scalable supply chain of visual assets, levering your ability to communicate effectively on multiple channels.

The journey begins by ending the repetition of the current patterns of creating, storing and managing visual assets in separate tools developed in each project, making the silo approach a thing of the past. Forward-thinking organizations have already understood that they, in fact, have a content supply chain, and have implemented processes and technology to reuse, renew, distribute and govern their visual assets using Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology.

Don’t miss the golden opportunity when embarking on a Sitecore project

Digizuite has made the beginning of this journey very easy for Sitecore clients due to our DAM for Sitecore module, which enables seamlessly integrated Digital Asset Management capabilities inside the heart of Sitecore. Why? Organizations choosing the integrated approach don’t have to deal with the risk of implementing a full-blown DAM project parallel to their Sitecore project. With DAM for Sitecore you can take the first step by moving visual content to a central repository, and at the same time provide enhanced DAM capabilities for editors inside Sitecore, like advanced croppingmulti-channel distribution from Sitecore, tools to improve SEO by automating text attributes, size and quality, automated thumbnails and many other benefits.

Postponing DAM for Sitecore may be a trojan horse, as your visual assets are not available for reuse and automatic governance, and SEO improvements. Your website risks performing badly due to low-quality image and video management through manual labor and maintenance, ultimately hurting your brand experience.

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