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Widen and Hootsuite Launch Integration to Help Teams Get Their Content to Social Channels Faster

Joint customers can now leverage the security and searchability of the Widen Collective within Hootsuite to post content and measure performance across major social networks.

There’s no denying social media is fast paced. To keep up, your content needs to be ready at a moment’s notice. You don’t have time to sift through all of your assets to find the perfect on-brand image to complement your post, download it, then re-upload into a new system. And with the new Widen Collective® and Hootsuite integration, you no longer have to.

Combining the power of the Collective and Hootsuite allows social media creators to easily search for assets in the DAM system without ever leaving Hootsuite. It also helps social teams save time and avoid the bottleneck of asking a designer to retrieve brand-approved content from the DAM system.

Widen and Hootsuite search functionality

“There was a small but inconvenient gap between our systems,” said Chris Schroeder, product manager at Widen. “While downloading and re-uploading a file doesn’t seem like a major hassle, some of our global customers deploy hundreds, if not thousands, of assets per week across the world. At that scale, a little disconnection can add up to a lot of wasted time and frustration. This integration solves the problem.”

Additionally, Hootsuite customers can still crop and resize DAM assets inside the platform to accommodate various social channels, while Widen’s permissions and governance system ensures that Hootsuite customers only access finalized, approved content for social media.

Widen and Hootsuite integration

Most social media teams use several martech platforms to commission, create, proof, and deploy new content. The teams at Widen and Hootsuite discovered that many customers were running their platforms in tandem and saw an opportunity to create a great customer experience through an integration.

“Both Widen and Hootsuite are in the business of helping customers tell compelling stories with visual content. It was natural for us to partner up and help social media teams do their work faster and more effectively,” said Greg Perotto, VP of Corporate Marketing at Hootsuite. “We’re glad to bring this integration to our customers to help them succeed with social.”


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