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The Mobile Moment with Ron Miller, Michael Kinkaid & Kentico 8

Jade Carter

By Jade Carter

April 30, 2014

The Mobile Moment is done and dusted and what a great show is was. As we 'ran tape' we found Scott wringing his hands in anticipation of some of the stories that we gathered for discussion. We really do enjoy hearing Scott and Butch lay into some of the stories that pass by the editors desk. And again, there were some memorable quotes and a much more vibrant Twitter discussion accompanying the broadcast.

Once again we would like to thank Ron Miller who really gave us some insight into the mobile device 'apocalypse' and how some savvy vendors are utilizing personalized targeting to build leads.

As well, Michael Kinkaid of ecentricarts gave a very poignant preview of Kentico 8 from a developers point of view. Seems that they really nailed it on a few key points which has the community talking very positively about it.

The Headlines

IBM's Silverpop Deal Could Trigger 'Nightmare'


Scott's Take: After a real 'bro love' moment, Scott calls out Suresh Vittal in what he called a straight up ploy to drive some Adobe promo. He calls this a good play for IBM and a bit of a blind-side considering the level of interest in Silverpop. Considering its SAAS configuration, will this really be an integration nightmare? What do you think? Watch the segment.

Is Marketo the Next Acquisition Target?


Scott's Take: Butch and Scott agree that while Marketo is doing everything right and is on a strong growth trend, it's clear that they are not in the mood to sell just yet. They are a fair size company on their own having purchased Insightera and we expect to see additional mergers in the future expecially if they plan to compete in the B2C market. View the Segment

Important Innovation vs. Endless Expansion


Scott's Take: Responding well to this article by a Hippo CMS co-founder, Scott heaps praise on Hippo as an industry leader when it comes to the separation of the Content and Presentation layers in the core of the WCM System. He makes some good points in explaining that innovation doesn't mean endless expansion of features when you can innovate the core software with resounding improvements and success depending on what market the software is focused.

"65% of recent survey respondents felt a strong level of dissatisfaction towards their WCM installation." Scott leveled this at too much expansion and not enough innovation of existing features. Master of none; and so implementation at phase 2 failed because of an overzealous expansion strategy while the vendor should have continued to perfect their existing feature set. View the Segment

Forrester Says Campaign Marketing Is Dead


Scott's Take: Well, we were waiting for this one. You really just need to watch the segment, but let's just say that the best quote from this piece was "They live inside the bubble and they need to wake up to reality". - pure gold. View the Segment

Ektron’s New Era?


Scott's Take: Ektron's President, Tim Mckinnon attempts to make a grandiose statement by declaring that "We're entering a new era where businesses and people experience content across the web and mobile devices in entirely new ways". Unfortunately he may have missed the fact that this era is well underway and his competition is already full steam ahead on 'New Era' innovation.

Scott raises some concern about their 'no version left behind' support philosophy which is over burdening their support infrastructure. Additionally with their recent broad steps in development, this grandfathering of support creates additional complications for versioning and migration. Overall, things do look up for Ektron. View the Segment.


25 Mintues with Ron Miller and the Mobile Moment



So much great conversation was had here that I should just embed the segment and let you listen for yourself.


A Look at Kentico 8 with Michael Kinkaid of ecentricarts

Joining us from the inside of a 25,000 gallon Guinness vat or fermentation tank, Michael Kinkaid really does give us a comprehensive overview of Kentico's latest offering. 

Michael has the good fortune of sitting near the helm of one of Kentico's most successful global partners so people tend to listen to what he has to say. Of the more profound improvements, the completely redesigned interface generally made the most impact having taken several development months to build which took some visual cues from the Windows 8 look and feel. Also note that during this piece, Michael did use the word 'Morphism'.

As part of their continued drive to develop their marketing intelligence, there were comments made about their improved A/B and Multi Variate testing and the enhanced reporting which further enables refined campaigns. There has also been a comprehensive persona testing element added which borrows data from all marketing signals to build very precise and targeted campaigns.

Michael was also quite impressed with the Strands Recommender integration, the highly customizable checkout process as well as positive revisions to the API and improvements to integration testing, unit testing and MVC development support.

When probed, we learned that Kentico 8 could still provide a little more streamlined approach to their staging configurations with the addition of continuous integration and automated deployment tools which would help integration partners.

Watch the full Segment

Rapid Fire with Scott Liewehr

Dream-on Salesforce



A legendary quote occurs in this segment where Scott utters the profound words "poo poo" in the context of SAP poo poo'ing SalesForce's feeble call out as can be seen in this article. The first time "poo poo" has been used as a verb on CMS-Connected.

The 3-Amigos



Growing Universe


OpenText Lawsuit Source:

Getting Dumped


State of IT





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