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Oracle's New Digital Experience Cloud & AI Capabilities

Oracle’s annual marketing event, Modern Customer Experience conference, has come and gone once again and it was not short of announcements. The company introduced a new digital experience platform, the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud to help organizations manage and deliver content to any digital channel so enterprise content marketers can initiate more effective engagement with customers, partners, and employees. In conjunction with this release, Oracle also announced a plethora of AI-powered capabilities across key Oracle Customer Experience Cloud offerings, including Marketing, Service, Sales, and Commerce, in an effort to enable users to deliver better, faster and more personal experiences.

“Organizations are faced with a deluge of content,” said David Le Strat, senior director, product management, Oracle. “Oracle Content and Experience Cloud helps organizations develop, use, and distribute content in a meaningful way to deliver contextualized experiences, improve customer loyalty, and create brand advocates.”

To prove the ROI of the new digital experience platform, Oracle gives the success of Renault Italy as an example, as the car maker claims that they are able to distribute marketing materials 90 percent faster and respond to their auto dealers 40 percent faster, after implementing CRUEL’s WONDER Marketing solution powered by Oracle Content and Experience Cloud. Then, what does make the DX platform comprehensive? These key capabilities below may address to that question:

  • Content Collaboration:  Discuss, share, and annotate content with both internal and external teams through mobile access, anywhere, anytime.

  • Centralized Content Hub: Utilize a single content hub to create, share, manage, and publish content to any channel.

  • Consistent Omni-Channel Experience: Deliver engaging experiences across any channels.

  • Enhanced Enterprise Applications with Content: Manage content from within your enterprise applications.

With the Content and Experience Cloud, it is easier to manage content operations, data integration, complex workflow management, and mobile and marketing automation capabilities as the platform also integrates with a number of leading Oracle Cloud Platform services, including Oracle Process Cloud, Oracle Mobile Cloud, and Oracle Integration Cloud. The video below illustrates how Oracle Content and Experience Cloud offers a cloud-based content hub to drive omnichannel content management:

As stated in the opening paragraph, Oracle also announced an array of new innovations within the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite. The enhancements include chatbots and artificial intelligence with enhanced mobile, video and messaging capabilities.


Oracle calls its their “orchestration system,” that lets marketers follow up chatbot sessions with relevant emails to sales prospects. In other words, marketers now will have to customize responses during the conversations powered by an Oracle-connected chatbot on Facebook Messenger or Amazon Alexa. The technology is designed to detect the human’s intent and context therefore if the conversation between customer and chatbot becomes complicated, the tool will automatically hand off to a live agent to avoid any potential frustration. According to Oracle, the capabilities also provide differentiated customer self-service experiences. On top of these, the new innovative chatbot capabilities are also expected to improve sales productivity as they automate common sales tasks such as account search, transaction creation, and updates.  

“In a world where not everyone will download your mobile app but are using Facebook Messenger and Alexa-driven devices, chatbots are a way for you to play in these new conversational media,” Oracle group VP product management, Steve Krause, told attendees. “The reason this matters is because of things like Messenger, Alexa, Google home – these are starting to happen and we’re only at the beginning of this trend. This is about enabling you to be there as a brand as interaction happens.”

Oracle Adaptive Intelligence Apps

Another important enhancement Oracle made is the program called adaptive intelligent apps which are powered by insights from the Oracle Data Cloud. According to the company, the Oracle Data Cloud contains a collection of more than 5 billion global consumer and business IDs and more than 7.5 trillion data points collected monthly. The Adaptive Intelligent Apps are fed by third-party audience data housed in the Oracle Data Cloud and sourced from BlueKai, as well as an end customer’s first-party data sets, in return, it doesn’t dump data back on users, instead it provides you recommendation based on historical and dynamic customer data such as clickstream and social activity as well as inputs such as weather, lookalike audiences, and Internet of Things (IoT) data.

The applications are expected to leverage customer experience workflow across commerce, marketing, sales, and services. Commerce and marketing professionals can take advantage of the apps to deliver the more targeted product, content, and recommendations that are most relevant to the shopper’s current context, whereas customer service professionals can solve customers’ issues proactively in a faster manner. When it comes to sales, sales professionals can take advantage of next-best-action capabilities powered by artificial intelligence to accelerate and close more deals.

 "By combining first and third party data with advanced machine learning and the industry's most comprehensive cloud applications suite, Oracle provides a complete package that helps eliminate the need for more integrations or other costly and time-consuming processes. This enables our customers to achieve immediate value and take a smarter approach to business transformation," said Clive Swan, SVP Applications Development, Oracle Adaptive Intelligence.

Mobile, Video and Social Messaging Innovations

Lastly, the Redwood Shores, Calif.-based provider also announced the integration of its new mobile, video and messaging capabilities with the latest innovations in chatbots, artificial intelligence, and IoT. With this enhancement, the platform will enable customer service agents to interact with customers across WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and video channels, whereas help sales professionals maximize their productivity through a voice-activated, task-based and role-based user experience. Also, the platform will enable users to take advantage of full offline capabilities.

Internal “Startup” to Engineer Cutting-Edge Solutions

Do you remember there was a time once when Software baron Larry Ellison famously mocked cloud computing as a fad? It seems that he has learned from his mistake, and this time, he is not willing to overlook the new wave of emerging technologies. Conversely, Oracle is about to take a proactive step as it is planning to launch two new Solution Engineering Centers to develop all kinds of cutting-edge new technology, such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality and many other evolving technology trends. Oracle is trying to fill around 50 positions posted earlier this month for the Solution Engineering Centers.

“We are building the Oracle Solution Engineering Centers where engineers and technologists will develop next generation cloud-based solutions to help customers become more digital and transition to the cloud,” Hamza Jahangir, vice president, Cloud Platform Sales Engineering, said in a statement.


With its new single cloud-native platform for content production, management, and delivery across all lines of business, Oracle seems to take on Adobe who also announced its new cloud platform, Experience Cloud last month. More importantly, integrating Data Cloud into other Oracle products is a smart move, considering there are a collection of more than 70,000 attributes and six billion consumer and business profiles available in the Oracle Data Cloud. To put that into context, when an anonymous person logs into a brand’s website or app, the platform can pull in data from its Data Cloud to detect any known identifiers about that anonymous visitor. After all, the data, context and, the user experience are all extremely related to each other, and to make that connection stronger, Oracle has been taking serious steps, especially in the last 18 months. Additionally, with its latest AI capabilities, the company demonstrated that its plans toward future AI experiences are promising and the vendor is stepping up its game to lead the new wave of emerging technologies.  

Venus Tamturk

Venus Tamturk

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