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TA Digital & BigCommerce Connect Commerce Experiences

The Adobe Summit is one of the most influential conferences around the customer and digital experience today. Brands fly in from around the world to meet, learn, and share their most effective methodologies to create customer and audience engagement. We were keen to hear what Adobe had to share with everyone at their exhilarating and informative gathering, and the message was clear; creating personalized experiences for your customers and your audience is essential in 2019! The real value comes with how easily, quickly, and efficiently these experiences can be created.

The goal at Adobe Summit 2019 was a little different for CMSC Media. We aspired to find and follow specific organizations that not only had a profound understanding in the value of creating rich, personalized customer experiences but also understood the greater need to deploy these experiences in a proficient and timely manner with an awareness of the merits in scaling-up large channel deployments.

CMSC Media reached out to several different vendors and organizations that we knew were attending the event with the objective to find firms whose overall message was of the same essence as Adobe’s. We found exactly what we were looking for in TA Digital, one of the seven Adobe Premier partners that provide end-to-end Adobe Experience Cloud implementation services. TA Digital has an impressively long resume in creating digital experiences to large and enterprise channels.

What CMSC Media found of particular interest was TA Digital partnering with BigCommerce at the 2019 Summit to create a dedicated BigCommerce connector into Adobe Experience Manager. Knowing that TA Digital’s message mirrored Adobe’s, we wanted to learn more about the connector with BigCommerce and what that meant for each other’s market.

We asked Joe Brannon, Global Commerce Practice Director at TA Digital, the following questions to provide more insight into TA Digital as an organization, as well as the AEM/BigCommerce connector.

  1. Who is TA Digital?

  2. What is TA Digital’s Value Proposition?

  3. What is the true value of the AEM/BigCommerce connector?

We were also interested in gaining more knowledge of BigCommerce, their position in the marketplace, and full understanding of the features and benefits that will come out-of-box. Marc Ostryniec, Global SVP, Sales at BigCommerce, and Brian Adams, Sr. Solutions Engineer, Global Agency Partners provided us with that information

  1. What is the vision of BigCommerce?

  2. What is the differentiator of BigCommerce in the marketplace?

  3. How did the AEM/BigCommerce connector come together?

  4. How is the cloud-first, SAAS, headless approach of BigCommerce going to impact customers?

  5. Can you explain the advantage of how BigCommerce’s API is designed to leverage connectors to expose data that allows for seamless integrations, and how this is important in the AEM connector?

  6. What enhanced features are available and exposed in the connector?

  7. Is the data transfer automated and can it be enhanced?

With the connector possessing some intriguing capabilities, it was also a question of why today’s market should pay attention to building commerce-based experiences into their customer journeys? We were excited to have these questions answered by one of the top analysts in the market, Cathy McKnight, VP Consulting at Digital Clarity Group, as well as further observations from Marc Ostryniec of BigCommerce. 

Cathy McKnight:

  1. How important is it for brands to ensure that they create experienced-based commerce into their business strategies?

  2. What commerce trends should brands pay attention too, and will have to face in the next year or two?

Marc Ostryniec:

  1. Where do you see the future of Commerce?

  2. What are the most talked about commerce trends that brands are looking to solve?

  3. How important is it for brands to build commerce based experiences today?

  4. What happens if brands don't include commerce into their customer journey?

Ending Notes

What we find quite compelling is that TA Digital is setting the pace for organizations to work toward perfecting the personalization piece that completes the customer journey. Developing a commerce connector into one of the most robust CMS platforms on the planet, with a deep and straightforward data connection out-of-the-box, that is headless, and has a proven SAAS platform, means more time and effort can be spent creating better opportunities for improving experiences and increasing brand loyalty. At the end of the day, we all understand that commerce is the lowest hanging fruit to identify profit-based ROI, and creating experiences that are presented at the right time, and for the right price, are now becoming the optimal way to prove success.

Stephen Medve

Stephen Medve

Stephen Medve is the Senior Analyst at CMSC Media. For the last 12 years, Stephen has been working as a Sales Consultant and Solution Advisor helping medium, large, and enterprise companies select their backbone IT ecosystems which include ECM, WCM, CRM, and eCommerce and digital marketing platforms.

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