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Getting Baited by that old Open Source CMS Vs Proprietary CMS Boxing Match

Oh that Old Song and Dance

While I was scanning over some recent topics being discussed in our group,  I came across a familiar conversation; Oh it's that Open Source CMS Vs Proprietary CMS thing again. It's great to see a more blatant and challenging tone rather than a somewhat more mediated and straightedge pros and cons type of article. We like to see authors sticking their necks out and commend Michael Assad (of Agility CMS) on his approach. It should be said that his post was influenced by a somewhat more over the top post that can be found here.

This author (yours truly) believes that if you make a point of speaking for the 'whole of the open source world', you need to wave more than one flag (Drupal). That's a bit old. We love this battle and always enjoy reading over the comments as the punches fly. :)

Both posts have great comments so please go forth, pick a side and joing the conversation.

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CMS Connected has a Linkedin Group in case you hadn't heard. You can find it here: CMS Connected: The Content Management Industry News Group. If you have come across anything during the show that you would like to chat to us about, that's the place to go. I know that I often have 'second glance' moments during the show that I'd like to follow up on (and often do directly with the team), however these follow up conversations generally make for good 'group chatter'.

We invite you to please start up a conversation or build a poll on any Web CMS topic that you'd like to engage the community with. We are always building and welcom any and all conversations be they controversial or otherwise. Perhaps there is an obscure CMS product that you'd like us to rip apart live on the show? Or perhaps some DMS feature in your CMS that is driving you a bit nuts and you'd like one of our experts to demo it on the show. Very high chance that other collaborators are experiencing the same issues.

Don't be shy, we'd genuinely like to hear from you: CMS Connected: The Content Management Industry News Group

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