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Hootsuite and Adobe Further Bolster Social Media Strategy

Hootsuite, the Vancouver, British Columbia-based social media management platform announced an integration today with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock. This move is significant because it is essentially taking the empowerment of the common marketer even further with these new integrated capabilites baked right into the platform and, continuing the trend we have seen develop more and more in recent months, encouraging and quantifying the value of creative content. Today’s announcement also rounds out the connection Hootsuite has with Adobe a little bit more, already having integrations with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager. 

To hear first hand thoughts on this exciting move, we connected with Richard Hungerford, Sr. Director, Business & Corporate Development at Hootsuite: “With this partnership, Hootsuite and Adobe streamline the creative content workflow to be more seamless, efficient and effective. This integration will be hugely beneficial for social marketers who want to utilize creative content with social media distribution, areas in which Adobe and Hootsuite excel. Visual assets are 40 times more likely to be shared across social channels than other forms of content, and with the Adobe integration, Hootsuite users will be able to maximize visuals in order to create the most compelling content possible.”

What is New?

Adobe Creative Cloud is utilized by many, Kristin Naragon, Director of Product Marketing for Adobe Campaign, even telling us in a recent interview that an estimated 60% of marketers begin their email creation process with Adobe Dreamweaver. Through this integration, Hootsuite customers now have access to Dreamweaver and all of the other solutions aiding in the creation of memorable digital experiences. To name name a few there is Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and even Adobe Premier Pro for those who want to step their Video Marketing game up. 

Adobe Stock, for those who don’t know, houses over 90 million high-quality, royalty-free creative assets, to which Hootsuite customers will also now have access to. Thankfully, stock imagery has all but shed its previously predictable or unimaginative connotation, so that in itself is reason for marketers to celebrate. 

Adding to the Growth of Hootsuite 

No one can argue that Hootsuite hasn’t had a banner year in the business growth department. Earlier in 2017 they acquired LiftMetrix, a New York-based social analytics firm, Facebook ads manager Ad Espresso, and the Snapchat analytics solution created by Naritiv. 2017’s acquistions and this extension of Hootsuite’s integration with Adobe further cements what my colleague Venus refers to as Hootsuite’s long game to fit its platform for the enterprise: “The ability to connect Hootsuite with Microsoft’s chat platform Yammer announced in 2012 marked the platform’s first enterprise social network provider integration. In 2015, Hootsuite expanded its partnership with Microsoft by announcing its native integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office 365, and SharePoint as well as more capabilities tied into Yammer. Shortly after, the company also partnered with IBM by moving its App Directory, a marketplace of social applications, to IBM's SoftLayer cloud infrastructure in hopes of gaining a broader global footprint and data centers in multiple locations. In July 2016, Hootsuite has added integration with a set of cloud content platforms, including Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive in an effort to enable its users to access cloud-based digital content such as images, videos, and GIFs from their cloud content repositories from within Hootsuite.”


Hootsuite as a company is always of great interest to me, simply because I can’t say with implicit conviction that they’re not driving the social media strategy bus. Their relationship with it is a little chicken and egg like, are they allowing marketers to execute strategy, or are they creating the opportunities for new strategies to exist through their increasing number of capabilities? This collaboration is a great example of a whole new way marketers can strategize and execute their social media attack as the demand and expectation of high quality content increases.

Richard Hungerford made a great point in emphasizing the biggest impact of Hootsuite and Adobe coming together today, marketers have the creative capacity available in Adobe to make new and innovative digital experiences come alive with content, and in Hootsuite they have one place to share, measure, and showcase that content to nurture the human connections with their audience, no matter the size. 

Laura Myers

Laura Myers

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