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Facebook Video: More Important Than You Think

If you’re in the marketing business, you’ve probably already figured out how important Facebook is for reaching your desired audience.

As a marketer, you go where the people are, and as of right now, the people are on Facebook. However, some aspects of Facebook are more useful for marketing than others. One such aspect is video.

Facebook video is quickly becoming the most effective tool for social media marketers. But why is this?

Here’s everything you need to know about the importance of Facebook video and how to harness its power for your own purposes. 

Why Are People Choosing Video Over Writing?

While writing can be an excellent way of communicating ideas in the most potent and precise manner, it can also be a cold medium for some. 

On the other hand, video offers a warmer, more human experience. It’s a way of talking to an audience, instead of talking at them. When people can see your eyes and the subtle changing in your expression, it alters the communication experience completely. 

It’s also an unfortunate fact that attention spans are lower than ever, which means people are detained easier by a video than the written word. With the way technology is going, attention spans are only going to get shorter.

What Can Facebook Video Do for You?

One of the reasons Facebook video has become so influential is its cyclical benefits. Facebook is in the business of giving people what they want and people want videos. Because people want videos and Facebook gives it to them, businesses use Facebook to host their videos. Everybody wins.

But let’s go deeper into how you, the marketer, wins with video.

Due to the human element that videos provide, you’re able to establish a trust with your audience that isn’t available elsewhere. Able to see your face and hear your voice, the audience can get a sense of not just your ideas, but also your personality. 

Unless you take the politician route and start paying visits to every corner of the country, shaking hands and kissing babies, video is the only way to establish a personal connection with a mass audience. 

Does the Production Quality of Your Videos Matter?

If you’re worried about the quality of your filmmaking capabilities, don’t be. It’s not necessary to have professional production design, fancy cameras or an auteur director. All you need is your phone. 

Most modern phones have a high enough video quality to satisfy the average viewer. Plus, cell phone video only accentuates the human element that you’re trying to push in the first place. There’s something authentic and relatable with a business using a cell phone, something we all have, to communicate with its audience. 

This doesn’t mean that more professional videos can serve a purpose, once you get to the level where such a thing is possible. As with all advertising, it depends on your product and who your audience is.  For instance, if you have a burger joint, a rugged video is going to fit your image well. If you have a fancy, high-dollar winery, then some more professional videos might be warranted. 

The Ins and Outs of Advertising on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is more difficult than it’s ever been. This is partly due to their removal of certain targeting mechanisms. For example, it’s no longer possible to target an audience based on workplace and income level. 

Due to this major tool being stripped away from marketers, establishing a personal rapport with your audience is more important than ever. If you’re putting out high-quality video content, then people are more likely to share it. This way, consumers will do the marketing for you. 

After all, it doesn’t matter how many ads you put out if people have no idea who you are or what your product is. Their eyes will graze right over you and to another poster they’re familiar with. It’s the quality of content that matters, not the quantity of content. It might sound trite, but it’s true. 

Only once you have a piece of content that’s proved itself should you pay for ads. That way, you can take your highest performers and help them to perform even better. As these pieces garner more and more of an audience, then you can follow-up with a more traditional ad that guides them to your site. 

Think of a brick and mortar store. The salespeople don’t start rattling off product information as soon as someone walks through the door. They greet the customer with a smile, inquire as to their day and then ask if they’re looking to buy something. 

Are Ads Necessary for Successful Content?

When it comes to videos, organic results should be your primary focus, as opposed to paid advertisements. This is because organic, non-paid advertising is possible if you have incredible content, which you should. People should be liking, sharing and commenting on your videos. In other words, your audience should be doing your job for you.

A large organic engagement rate can serve as the spark for the wildfire of subsequent ads, as you might want to boost the high-performers. However, your content should be good enough that you shouldn’t have to boost it. 

When something goes viral, it’s not because somebody paid for it to do so. It’s because a large number of people positively reacted to it. That’s what you want to happen to your videos. 

Facebook Live Is a Rising Star in Marketing

On Facebook, the only thing better than video is live video. Live video can bring in a massive audience. This is, in part, due to the very nature of live video. When a consumer sees that a video is live, they feel like something important is happening and the impulse to check in is activated. 

There’s also something exciting about a live video. In that, anything can happen. There’s almost a rubbernecking quality to it. 

To best utilize live video, you’ll want to have a set time that you’ll broadcast. This way, your audience will know when to stay close to their computer or phone. It also helps to engage with the audience in some fashion. How best to do this is up to your imagination, but an example could be answering questions. By doing so, you’ll not only establish a human connection with your audience, but they’ll feel wanted and “in the loop,” which adds another level of engagement. 

To spur your creativity, Dunkin Donuts used live video to take consumers into its “test kitchen,” where they come up with new products. Because it was Valentine’s Day, they ended the video with the baking of a donut-shaped cake, in real time. 

Should You Be Paying Attention to Instagram TV?

While Facebook Live has the spotlight now, there are new video formats arising all the time. Instagram TV is the newest kid in town. It’s bucking a lot of the trends, in that it’s not live and based around long-form content.  

While this might seem like an odd move, long-form podcasts and YouTube videos are becoming increasingly popular, so, perhaps, there’s more to Instagram TV than meets the eye. 

Having just released in 2018, the video platform hasn’t taken off yet, but that’s probably because no one’s figured out how to best use it. Once someone does, it’s likely that it’ll take off. A rising tide raises all ships, after all. 

Or, the platform could end up being a dud. At the moment, there’s no real way of knowing, but as with anything, there’s potential. If your business is conducive to long-form content, you could be the one to break Instagram TV. 

Facebook Video Should Be Your Best Friend

With all of this information, it’s hard not to see Facebook video as a major player in your digital marketing strategy.

It’s simply too popular with users for marketers to ignore. While you can make whatever kind of video you want, it’s best to keep it short and to engage with the audience is some way. 

Be creative, too, just like Dunkin Donuts was with their Valentine’s Day video.

The next viral video could be yours. 

David Reimherr

David Reimherr

David brings 20 years of sales, marketing, strategy & branding experience to the table. He is the founder of Magnificent Marketing which specializes in content marketing, video marketing & social media advertising (e-commerce, lead-gen, strategic content distribution) and is a lover of marketing, dogs and life!


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