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Ingram Micro Launches Digital Marketing Platform and Portal

Another day, another new digital media platform. The rate of new or revamped digital channels, programs and platforms is astounding. As marketers, we all know the importance of ensuring we are up to date - and in the know - of all and any new digital platforms being offered across the market. One key success to a lot of businesses is to ensure we are using the right tools and we do as much as we can to streamline and be efficient. More and more digital marketing tools have moved towards the “efficiency model” – whether its better integrations, a better user interface or a new platform that will reduce the need for 7 platforms into just one. The next company and platform to take this leap into revolutionizing the sales and marketing game is Ingram Micro.

Recently, Ingram Micro announced its release of “Partner Now” and “Partner Connect”

Partner Now - is an on-demand, on-line business management portal aimed to automate sales processes, that removes hours from the sales cycle and takes channel partner SLAs from hours to just minutes. 

​Partner Connect - is a new digital marketing platform aimed to simplify the complexities of digital marketing channel partners by enabling channel partners to establish a meaningful digital presence for brands easily through personalized, digital marketing content delivered as-as-service.

Get Partnered Quicker and Easier 

Ingram Micro is digitizing its business for a better partner experience with Partner Now. This new platform will allow Ingram Micro channel partners to better engage, manage transactions and manage their product sales, IT services and solutions anywhere, anytime with a quick sign-in and secure online business management portal. As described by Kirk Robinson, Senior Vice President and Chief Country Executive, U.S., Ingram Micro: “partner Now is the first of many digitization projects underway, and a great example of how we’re using technology to speed the sales cycle, simplify transactions and scale the success of our channel partners and providers.” 

Unveiled at the #ONEIngramMicro event, Partner Now has launched with its first technology partner, CISCO and more vendors will be added in 2019. With Cisco, Partner Now will allow businesses to have an instant, anytime visibility into Cisco’s direct shipments. Considered as a “one-stop-shop", businesses can save time that was typically used through emails and phone calls to view order statuses, product holds, quoting ETAs, and more.  

Some of the features and benefits include: 

  • Originate, change and track Cisco products and services online 

  • Order management 

  • Instant quoting 

  • Quote to order 

  • Greater visibility throughout the transaction process

  • ​Real-time, online visibility  

  • Greater and clear expectations with customers for pricing, availability and deployment 

  • Enhanced service experience 

Both Ingram Now and Cisco are excited to bring this game-changing product to the market and see it evolve overtime as more vendors are added. Several channel partners who piloted the Cisco Partner Now portal have reported significant gains when it comes to managing the sales cycle and ensuring overall business productivity. 

Connect to Your Partners Better 

Are you looking to improve your targeted digital marketing efforts and better understand what is working and what is not? Introducing Partner Connect. Ingram Micro launched this exciting new program designed to expand a business's digital presence with quality content, enhanced with data-backed analytics to better assess success and optimize sales activity, ROI and campaigns.  

“Making the move to digital marketing is a must for channel partners looking to build their brand and grow their business. Supported by Ingram Micro’s world-class and experienced digital marketing team, Ingram Micro Partner Connect addresses this gap and simplifies digital content marketing, making it easy for resellers to enhance their digital presence with personalized content, targeted Google Ad Word campaigns and real-time analytics” said Dennis Crupi, Executive Director, Marketing, at Ingram Micro. 

This new platform will help businesses streamline the complexity digital marketing campaigns with features and benefits including:  

  • The ability for channel partners to establish a digital presence to promote their company brand, solutions and services to a wider end-user base 

  • The freedom and autonomy to execute any type of content across countless online outlets, including landing pages, social media, email and their own corporate websites  

  • A quick and easy to launch digital marketing campaigns that are customized and personalized digital marketing campaigns  

  • A personalized dashboard 

  • Real-time analytics to assess lead activity and ROI 

  • Timely and relevant action-driven content  

  • Solutions to promote and reach a wider channel audience 

  • Creation of partner portals 

  • A marketing concierge that helps to create purpose-built content, custom Google/social media campaign development 

  • Top quality service and support 

Ending Notes

Many members of the Ingram Micro communities have benefited from the Partner Now program that was launched in beta earlier this year.  

Ingram Micro launched into the digital marketing realm with a key goal to help businesses operate more efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve. Ingram is known as a leader in technology and supply chain management and their vision is to help businesses fully realize the promise of technology by helping them maximize the value of the technology that they make, sell or use. This echoes the sentiment of the launch of their newest platforms recently launched.  

Lynette Sawyer

Lynette Sawyer

Lynette Sawyer is a Web Project Manager for Falcon-Software, a digital web agency founded in 1994. For the last 13-years Lynette has been in various digital capacities and her expertise goes beyond Project Management. Lynette brings experience and knowledge in graphic design, marketing communications, project management, product management and engagement.

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