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The Value of an Intranet Solution

Jade Carter

By Jade Carter

February 26, 2013

On February 22nd, CMS-Connected looked into the complex world of Intranets. Increasingly, intranets are being used to deliver tools and applications, such as facilitating work groups and teleconferencing or complex corporate directories, sales and customer relationship management tools, project management etc., all geared to advancing your organizations productivity.

The show kicked off with Tyler Pyburn of TPN and Scott Liewehr of DCG review some of the hottest topics of the season:

Will SharePoint disappear soon?

Why would companies still be developing a custom CMS?

CXM is the sexiest thing that no one is doing 

My favorite was the Customer eXperience Management (CXM) – we so many CXM hash tags on twitter these days, but, it really is just another hash tag for CMS. Are we really ready to take customer experience to the next level and actually develop a system to manage our interactions and customers’ sentiments? I believe we are just starting to engage customers, let alone manage the interactions.

After commentary on the top news items, we had Deane Barker at Blend Interactive join Scott and Tyler for an in-depth review of the Intranet Solutions today and the challenges involved.

Some of the topics we covered included: the core value of an intranet within an organization, biggest barrier to the social intranet, and intranet in the cloud, etc. Deane did an incredible job in sharing his expert insight with us.

One of the highlights of the show was our In the Spotlight segment with Seth Gottlieb. Seth reviewed CoreMedia’s latest release: version 7. The main points Seth covered were the core features of CoreMedia, who it is for and who it isn’t for. This is especially worth checking out for companies looking to get a new Web Content Management system with love for Java and a desire to actively manage their site.

Last but not the least, CMS-Connected had its very popular Rapid Fire Round with Scott Liewehr where Scott did his 1 minute commentary on burning topics such as: Marketing is Broken, Salesforce Acquiring Startup, and the Demand for Content Professionals.

If you missed the show, watch it here.

We had a great show and look forward to hearing your thoughts on our episode on the Intranet Solutions.

Jade Carter

Jade Carter

Jade is a content writer for CMS-Connected, facilitating the needs of the company blog. Bringing 10 years of Search and Digital Marketing to the table, he strives to build informative, relevant and fun editorial posts for the blog feed. Jade is an ultra distance (26.2 miles+) trail runner and lives to run trails in and around his home town of Victoria, BC.

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