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We Welcome Trunk to the Studio Team to Help Solve Some of Design’s Toughest Challenges

InVision, we’re always looking for ways to solve common design challenges, reducing complexity at every stage, and allowing designers to easily collaborate so they can focus on what they do best: creating digital products that people love.

One of these challenges is file versioning, which has long been a painful part of the design process. Whether you’re searching for files buried on email threads, losing changes during feedback cycles, or worst of all, dealing with meaningless file names like “design_final_revision_2_update_4,” file versioning is often a drain on productivity, even for the most organized team members.

That’s why we’re very excited to welcome the team behind Trunk to InVision, where they’ll be working on Studio. For the last few years, the Trunk team has been working hard to find a solution to the complexities of version control. Since graduating from the Australian accelerator Startmate in early 2018, the team has created a central workspace for design files, and amassed thousands of users from organizations like Uber, Dropbox, Accenture, Twilio, and Wayfare along the way.

We first became aware of Trunk when they applied for an investment from the Design Forward Fund, a $5 million fund that provides grants and equity investments to people and companies who are creating tools and resources that change the game for designers. After getting to know the team better, we knew they would be a great addition to the Studio family.

The Trunk team will bring their expertise to help us to tackle some of the biggest workflow pain points and to help accelerate the Studio roadmap. In addition to versioning, their work with the team will help us create a more seamless workflow between Studio and InVision Cloud.

“More of the patterns common to the world of Engineering are becoming relevant to Design as well.” Clark Valberg
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“As every organization in the world faces the challenge of maturing their Design teams, workflows and infrastructure for better outcomes, more and more of the patterns common to the world of Engineering are becoming relevant to Design as well. We’re excited about the innovative experiences the Trunk team will bring to the future of our platform, and the Design industry as whole,” said InVision CEO and Founder Clark Valberg.

“Studio already helps me quickly build hi-fidelity prototypes so it’s easy to convey my ideas to my team and get their feedback. I’m looking forward to an even more seamless process that lets us collaborate without worrying about misplaced files, lost work or cumbersome hand-offs,” said Adam Ho, Senior Designer at Zendesk.

Trunk will continue to be available to existing users and will wind down within the next six months as new solutions to versioning are rolled out in Studio. For more updates on this and all things Studio, please stay tuned to the “See What’s New” page. Head to the InVision blog to learn more about our other Design Forward Fund investments, or to apply, visit here.

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