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Elastic Path Creates Microservices-Based Architecture

This week, Elastic Path announced its acquisition of the commerce technology platform, Moltin. This move for Elastic Path means that the platform will enable business leaders to quickly and easily leverage their microservices architecture. With the industry demanding more flexible and scalable commerce solutions, Elastic Path has stepped up to empower businesses to tailor digital commerce experiences across all touchpoints.

Elastic Path will continue its headless approach to commerce and will now be even more agile to offer seamless deployments. With this acquisition, the commerce platform absorbs Moltin’s Boston, Massachusetts, and Newcastle, UK offices, which greatly expands their available time zone coverage. On top of this, Elastic Path says this acquisition has allowed them to redefine their new and improved Commerce Cloud with these five key principals:

  • Easy-to-use business user tooling

  • A comprehensive library of pre-built and ready-to-use commerce experiences

  • Future-proof extensibility

  • Choreographed microservices

  • Enterprise-grade scalability

CMS-Connected wanted Harry Chemko, CEO and Co-Founder Elastic Pathto delve further into the Moltin acquisition, the commerce cloud, and where stake-holders will see an impact. I was fortunate to connect with Harry Chemko, CEO and Co-founder of Elastic Path, to get the inside view.

In the press release, you state that “by acquiring Moltin, Elastic Path has created the only solution that makes it fast and easy for every business leader to unleash the power of microservices.” Can you expand on that? What microservices will customers be able to make use of, in particular?

“Microservices have been out of reach for many businesses due to their technical sophistication. This acquisition will allow business leaders to easily make the most of microservices through a library of pre-built commerce experiences that are ready-to-use. This library includes a progressive web application (PWA), Alexa Voice Assistant, augmented reality, the IoT, and many other experiences that allow businesses to create new commerce experiences quickly.”

Elastic Path has a new and improved ‘future-proof’ Commerce Cloud. Would you explain what features enable the platform to be future-proof?

"Elastic Path’s headless approach to digital commerce gives businesses more flexibility compared to legacy platforms, facilitates unique experiences, and sets businesses up to take advantage of future commerce touchpoints that may not even exist yet. Through our library of ready-to-use experiences, Elastic Path Commerce Cloud helps businesses future-proof their commerce experiences by allowing them to quickly deploy commerce through new channels. Elastic Path’s headless approach gives businesses more flexibility by allowing companies to create new experiences without affecting existing ones. This allows businesses to be more agile and more easily capitalize on the new ways customers shop. Commerce Cloud also allows businesses to scale confidently and easily set up new integrations that help power innovation.”

Would you identify the type of customers who could capitalize on Elastic Path’s Commerce Cloud?

“Businesses across B2C, B2B, B2B2C, and B2B2B use cases can benefit from Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. The technology is well-suited for enterprise companies that are interested in a best-of-breed approach and that are looking for an independent leader with the expertise to help them scale, innovate, and transform their commerce experiences.”

What is one area where you see this acquisition having an immediate impact?

“In the broader commerce space, we see a revolution coming around B2B, B2B2C, and B2B2B commerce. These businesses have complex business models with longer sales cycles, multiple channels of interaction, and other complexities and legacy platforms designed for B2C sales aren’t set up to enable this kind of selling. Headless technology meanwhile allows B2B businesses to embrace new digital channels more readily and facilitate the B2B customer experience that customers increasingly expect. Elastic Path is committed to building solutions that are purpose-built for how B2B organizations operate and can transform how they conduct business online.”

Final Thoughts

This Acquisition establishes that Elastic Path is showing no signs of slowing down. The eCommerce industry continues to expand at its feverish pace with fresh technologies and consumers constantly buying more online and in new ways. Elastic Path recognizes the need to match, and even stay ahead of the curve, hence their proactive steps to remain future-proof. It will be interesting to see where Elastic Path’s acquisition of Moltin takes the commerce platform from now onwards.

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Erika Jones

Erika Jones

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