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Meet Sunny Lenarduzzi Introducing Jive Software on CMS-Connected

Jade Carter

By Jade Carter

July 23, 2014

It didn't take long to entice Sunny to back to the show after her appearance on our Social Media episode. Sunny brought her relaxed on camera demeanor and extensive knowledge of social media marketing to our program in May and we are excited to welcome her back.

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 Sunny Lenarduzzi - CMS-Connected

Sunny will be joining us to deliver an introduction of Jive Software, the business collaboration giant. Jive has seen the happy side of the news recently being on the good side of software defections. Primarily it would seem through attrition as at least 2 very prestigious clients have moved from the soon to be retired CISCO WebEX Social platform. We briefly touched on the GE intranet success story and uncovered the very recent announcement by CISCO of the 'end of live' published dates. We're looking forward to hearing about JIVE from Sunny during the Vendor Spotlight sequence.

In the meantime here is a little bit about Sunny (from her website).

Sunny attacks everything she does with enthusiasm. Ever since she was a little girl and realized she could get paid for talking, she knew media was where she belonged.

Sunny is the Social Media Host of #SocialBytes on Breakfast Television Edmonton on City TV. She hosts a sports trivia game show called Beer Money on City TV in Vancouver, and is a regular panelist on Unfiltered on Global TV. After attending the British Columbia Institute of Technology and graduating with honors, Sunny took her first job as a radio announcer and promotions coordinator at Mountain FM in Squamish. Soon after, she took a part time reporter position with Shaw TV and eventually had her own segment, “The Sunny Shift”. Sunny has reported on everything from community events to professional sports teams to the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Whistler.

You can also catch Sunny’s weekly vlog on YouTube, where she covers the hottest tech, new media and entertainment stories.

Sunny’s passion for communication has been fulfilled both on air and online. She loves working as a social media strategist for individuals and corporations and as a contributor for The Huffington Post.

Learn more about Sunny at the following sites:

LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

Watch Sunny on CMS-Connected (register link)

Jade Carter

Jade Carter

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