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SEO Strategies for Small Scale Businesses & Why Analysis is Key

Search Engine Optimization (abbreviated as SEO) services are essential to small businesses to hold their ground and to route more incoming traffic into their websites. A small business has to exist in this competitive market with restricted budget allocations on the publicity materials yet has to sustain and grow.

A smart entrepreneur knows that only incoming traffic is not enough, it is the targeted traffic that counts. It means that many people would visit your website but leave without buying anything because your site did not endorse the products they "targeted."

SEO for E-commerce Businesses

Electronic commerce, commonly known as E-Commerce is the hot and happening way to expand your business today, irrelevant to it being small or big. Now the World Wide Web can be compared to a giant ocean. If you want to survive in the ocean, you got to attract fishes towards you to enable you to devour them. Likewise, every business needs to attract customers towards it through extensive promotional backup strategies. The best way is to produce extensive ways to enable the products to be sold to be directly reached by the target customer. With thousands of new users coming online every single day, it is imperative for the business to maintain a web presence for the business to get noticed, and hence sustain and flourish. This can be achieved with SEO services for the small-scale e-commerce industry.

Brief Understanding of SEO Plan and Strategy

Today, it is not enough to include long strings of Metadata in your website's code. While it might be quite easy to figure out how to register your site, writing and placing PPC ads is another area of online business that too many of us do not know. And the worst part is without good website SEO strategies are not going to fetch you much traffic anyway.

There is a lot of hard works that go into setting up a website properly in order to allow it to be found by search engines. Market research, content creation, content distribution, marketing campaigns, on and off page SEO and lots of other methods will need to be performed on a consistent basis in order to ensure your web presence has the visibility and exposure it needs to draw targeted traffic to the products and services offered on yourbusiness website.

The web presence of your business website has to be continuously upgraded and optimized. However, it is very time-consuming because of the different aspects that are needed to be learned along the entire process. After a while, it simply becomes too much time-consuming because there are other areas of your business also to look into.

Analyzing Your Web Competitors

A competitive analysis is an explicit assessment in which you survey the businesses of some companies that take part in a contest, directly or indirectly with your company. In case of the web, each competitor has right to visit other company data and marketing components. But, in case of the offline world, they might not have the capacity to gather easily. This allows every company to achieve greater opportunities to take advantage of the information of competitive analysis.

Now, the question is how the businesses of companies can be improved by analyzing the information of their competitors? If there are possible ways, then which one is the best way to execute the job. Thankfully, many experts can offer guidance for you once you understand your business needs, website criteria and budget.

Benefits of Competitive Analysis

The advantages of evaluating a competitive analysis involve:

  • Know Your Rivals: You will recognize against whom you are competing. You will have the power to evaluate the threat levels applied by other companies in your business.

  • Self Evaluation: You will be able to recognize your own negative points. Companies who do not concentrate on their competitor companies may not identify where they are making a mistake. Analyzing your competitors provides you a right opportunity to discover how you can do better service for your clients.

  • Know Your Positive Aspects: You will also recognize your positive points. Making a comparison with your business online presence to the online presence of your direct competitors, you can find out the factors what makes your business separate from theirs.

  • Know Your UVP: You will have the capacity to recognize or confirm Unique Value Proposition (UVP) of your company. The UVP is the only most crucial factor of your business that makes you separate from your direct or indirect competitors. Do you have a great product catalog? Do you feature the lowest product prices? Do you offer the best service to your clients? The detailed competitive analysis will assist you to improve your UVP.

You will be able to find out the factors that bring favorable outcome in your market space. These may differ largely from market to market. You will recognize what the actual actions you have to take to develop your competitive position are.

The Process of Conducting Competitive Analysis

You need to consider some guidelines while conducting the competitor analysis. Here are those guidelines for the small-scale businesses.

  • Discover the positive points of each competitor company in the analysis with your own. Note some points such as the factors which make each company unique.

  • Recognize the profit models of your competitors. Find out the methods by which competitors are making money.

  • Discover the factors which are utilized mostly by your competitors like outsourcing, partnerships and other strategic relationships. Then, you should examine whether your company can take advantage of those or not.

  • During your analyses, you need to find out the innovative and unique elements or techniques your competitors may apply.

  • For practical analysis, purchase products from your competitors. Then, note their quality aspects, manufacturing details, etc.

Conducting a SEO campaign for an online based business is not an easy task. Various methods, plans, and strategies are applied. Thus, turning into a tough job but hopefully my insights above can help when it comes to planning and analyzing your strategy.


Barrack Diego

Barrack Diego

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