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Coveo Brings AI Search to ServiceNow

In June of this year, Forrester Wave leader, Coveo, announced it had launched their new Coveo for ServiceNow solutions.
Coveo offers cloud-based, AI-powered search and recommendations to assist enterprises in transforming their service delivery by “accessing broad enterprise information and delivering relevant content recommendations.” Coveo AI furthers the delivery of tailored, relevant content and information through the advanced machine learning-powered navigation and contextualization, which makes use of customer interaction signals and enterprise data.
Coveo is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for insight engines using AI along with search to provide the most relevant content personalized according to user and context. They integrate into various systems, track interaction and different touch-points, and index content from different sources regardless of medium and surface results through search interface or recommendations. In the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines report, Coveo was lauded for its product offering and their ease of deployment and use. Their customers value the usability of the interface and relevance modeling, as well as appreciate the support and assistance that the company offers from day one of the services.
Though we take the search experience for granted in our the consumer world (doubtful anyone really thinks about the nuts and bolts of Amazon’s ‘Your Recommendations’ or Netflix’s ‘Because You Watched’), we don’t enjoy the same benefits and ease of use with many of the systems in our jobs. Coveo provides companies with the ability to give that same labor-saving experience to their employees, facilitating their productivity by leveraging AI to serve customers better and deliver results.
Grégory Laporte, Senior Product Manager at Coveo, described Coveo’s approach to AI-powered relevance as consisting of three elements: indexed content, integrated context, and usage analytics. Grégory referred to this as Coveo’s ‘recipe to relevance’, and equips them with the means to provide the best experience to the user.
Coveo leverages machine learning to produce advanced relevancy results by analyzing, learning, and optimizing from past user behavior to deliver a catered, personalized experience through superior recommendations, query suggestions, and intent detection.

Coveo for ServiceNow

Coveo will benefit ServiceNow by meeting the enterprise’s needs through a variety of ways. The focus will be on enhancing the customer experience by enabling customers who are coming to the portal to easily find what they are searching for—ultimately leading to improved case deflection. Securely indexed data and machine learning are applied to more than fifty cloud and on-premise content sources where employees and customers can easily access the information they need without having to leave the ServiceNow workflow.
Coveo also aims to support enterprises in their delivery of the best employee experiences possible, which ultimately translates to more effectual employee performance. Through AI-powered search and recommendations based on context and previous outcomes, employees can solve problems quickly and competently, leading to increased productivity.

ServiceNow’s help desk efficiency (HPE) would help facilitate a positive consumer and employee experience when solving problems online—whether it’s speeding up the solution time for a ticket or simply empowering the customer to resolve the issue themselves. According to Coveo, people prefer to self-serve when it comes to looking for answers, and their search platform enables them to do just that. All of this can lead to a more efficient working environment which translates into increased customer and employee satisfaction and lower costs for the company. Grégory concluded: “It’s really about bringing AI and connectivity to surface the most relevant content inside of ServiceNow whether it be for customers, employees, HR, IT, chatbots … this is the value of the partnership that we’re driving.”

Avanish-Sahai.pngA Synergetic Partnership

We reached out to ServiceNow’s, Avanish Sahai, Global Vice President, ISV/Technology Alliances, to get a better understanding of the new partnership, and understand how the collaboration with Coveo will improve the service to their customers and support their employees.
Can you give us a more in-depth understanding of what ServiceNow does and what kind of services you offer?

“ServiceNow is the digital workflow company that makes work-life like real-life. We do this by taking the old, mundane, and manual processes that litter the modern workplace and transform them into what work should be—fast, simple, and easy. By powering digital transformation for the enterprise, ServiceNow is freeing up employees’ time to do fulfilling work and making companies more productive.
We are helping companies in three key areas: IT, HR, and Customer Service. With our IT products, companies are able to elevate the service experience while simultaneously increasing efficiencies across the enterprise. ServiceNow customers that use our HR offerings deliver amazing employee experiences and put people back at the forefront of the business. Our customer service solutions empower companies to resolve problems quickly and proactively by analyzing trends and monitoring products to provide the best service possible.”
What are some of the key differentiators between ServiceNow and other similar companies out there?
“The power of ServiceNow lies in the Now Platform. By bringing all the disparate parts of a business into a single view on one platform, companies can easily remove many of the points of friction that commonly occur. With ServiceNow, work can happen smoothly across every system and department.
Additionally, the Now Platform allows for easy interoperability. With partners like Adobe, Google, Microsoft, and many others, ServiceNow works seamlessly with major cloud vendors, HCMs, etc. to bring increased efficiency and intelligence to the enterprise. As one customer put it, ‘1+1 X ServiceNow = 100’. Meaning, with ServiceNow, they are getting much more value from their other platforms and vendor solutions.”
Why did ServiceNow choose Coveo to power their search?
“Partnering with Coveo was a no-brainer for ServiceNow, as we always want to provide our customers with best-in-class options. Our companies’ missions align well – ServiceNow’s mission is to make work, work better for people, and Coveo delivers outstanding insights and recommendations to help businesses streamline work. By having Coveo join our Technology Partner Program and integrating closely with ServiceNow, we’re confident in our ability to provide unparalleled service to our customers. Our joint customers now have the option to have Coveo power their search in heterogeneous environments.”
What do you hope this new partnership will accomplish?
“With the availability of the Coveo + ServiceNow integration available in the ServiceNow Store, we will be able to harness even more of the rich data that is housed in the Now Platform to continue to help businesses make the right choices at the right time for the right customer. Our customers have unique needs, and by integrating with Coveo, we are continuing to strengthen our ability to cater to each need. There is no silver bullet in business; one size doesn’t fit all. Coveo allows us to be more agile and meet customer needs for each and every interaction.” 
How will the new features improve ServiceNow workflows?
“This is just another step in creating the digital experiences that make work, work better. This partnership will continue to get us closer to unifying all enterprise data within the Now Platform and start putting it to work for our customers. By harnessing the data within their own businesses, companies can truly achieve digital transformation and grow to new heights.”

The Window to the Enterprise

When asked about the partnership between Coveo and ServiceNow, Sheerine Reid, Director of Product Marketing at Coveo, described both companies as having similar approaches to problem-solving and work philosophy. Coveo will centralize search results into the Service Now platform, making it ‘the window to the enterprise’, and driving more adaption and retention. By bringing AI-powered search to the ServiceNow environment, the end-user will benefit from customized recommendations and results making for a more efficient and personalized experience.

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