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Is It Possible for Everyone On Your Team to Feel Happy and Satisfied?

We hear about it all the time – office politics, office drama, unhappy employees, and managers that AndreaFryrear-560-1.pngstruggle to get their job done because they’re stuck putting out fires all day. 
Is it possible for an entire team to feel excited to walk into work every day? Is it possible for everyone to experience job satisfaction?
It is possible, as long as you have the right mindset and managerial systems.

How Agile Helps Everyone on the Team Enjoy Their Work

Andrea Fryrear was a recent guest on the Magnificent Marketing podcast. Andrea is a big proponent of Agile Marketing.
While most people view this type of marketing simply as a way to accomplish your marketing goals in a shorter period of time, it’s actually much more than that.
Andrea describes it as a mindset, a way to successfully manage a marketing team, and a way to create a happy, productive team.
When Agile Marketing strategies are implemented, everyone has a role. And everyone is on the same page. Knowing what your role is within a company and having specific goals can make your work enjoyable, as well as challenging yet rewarding.
A major component of Agile Marketing is regular staff meetings. These aren’t occasional meetings that may or may not happen, or that end up being hours long. These types of meetings can actually drive employees away and cause a company to crash and burn.
Instead, Agile meetings start with daily 15-minute stand-up meetings. During this meeting, each team member takes a moment to talk about what they did the day before, what they’re planning on accomplishing today, and what obstacles they’re facing.
Granted, if the team is rather large, not everyone can share, so the team as a whole can review their project board, see what still needs to be done, and come up with solutions to problems together. It’s a wonderful opportunity for collaboration, which makes everyone feel like they’re an important part of the team.
Then, every few weeks, the team gets together for a couple of hours to have a more in-depth discussion about what’s been working for everyone. During this time, they can discuss what’s gotten in the way of their progress and what can be done to remedy the situation.
Finally, they look at what steps need to be taken next to bring them one step closer to their team’s goal. This gives everyone a sense of purpose as they go into work the following week.

Happy Employees: An Important Key to a More Productive Work Environment

There’s nothing worse than office drama. A toxic work environment can lead to insecurity, anger, and depression. This is not the type of environment that is conducive to attaining any sort of marketing goals.
Start implementing changes with the assistance of Agile strategies, and you’ll create a collaborative, cooperative environment. Your employees will want to come to work each day and will be inspired to reach their personal goals and help the rest of the team reach their goals as a whole.
Do you want to know why the world of marketing has changed so much in recent years? Check out Andrea’s book Death of a Marketer to get the low-down and find out more about the latest marketing trends.

David Reimherr

David Reimherr

David brings 20 years of sales, marketing, strategy & branding experience to the table. He is the founder of Magnificent Marketing which specializes in content marketing, video marketing & social media advertising (e-commerce, lead-gen, strategic content distribution) and is a lover of marketing, dogs and life!


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