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Social Media Monitoring Tools For Every Business

Growing your brand takes time and focus. Social media marketing can help you attract new customers and keep old or current ones engaged. If you are not active on social media and not putting in more hours to growing your brand online, then you could be missing out on tons of leads.

If your competition is on social media, then you should definitely be on the same field with them. Social media marketing helps you understand your audience better, which will help you in targeting and retargeting your market. Being active on these social media channels will help you get your brand out there while also strengthening your brand presence and increasing your local traffic. Remember that a solid branding strategy will help grow loyal customers. If you want to earn in a steady and rapid fashion while slaying competition, then these social media monitoring tools can help you gain that leverage in your business:

Buzzsumo - Getting your message out there is a challenge. It’s a blur—chaotic even. So, in order to make a breakthrough, you have got to resonate well with your target audience. This popular social media marketing tool helps you locate top influencers in your industry and also trending or most shared content. This is a great research tool that will help you develop a more engaging and smarter form of content—one that does not just capture your audience but captivates as well. With this tool, you will know and understand how well you engage your audience and to what extent you have made an impact over different social media channels. You will also have an insight on which articles are performing well to help you improve on creating content for your target audience. This is a great tool in conducting competitor analysis. The only downside to this is that it provides limited data or targets content created by top influencers with the exclusion of other smaller sites. It’s also a bit more expensive than alternative tools.

Canva - Yes. Non-designers and designers alike love this social media tool that helps create professional and gorgeous images for your site and for posting on social media channels. You also get to choose from ready-made templates and a huge library of beautiful graphics and images to build and grow your social media presence. The only weak element here is that it’s hard to keep search results organized, especially when searching for free images.

Biteable - It’s really hard to ignore irresistible content like entertaining videos on social media. This social media tool makes it very simple and easy to create animated clips as there are tons of free templates and themes plus audio files that you can use in creating social media-friendly videos that look very professional. One feature to add is to enable users to adjust the time of scenes, so it becomes more natural and in sync with what the user or creator has in mind.

MeetEdgar - If you are like any digital entrepreneur I know, then you would feel like there’s just so much to do yet so little time. This gives you a signal to stop being a one-man show and that it’s high time to delegate. MeetEdgar helps you get more free time in your hands while your social media gets managed efficiently without you having to do it all. MeetEdgar is equipped with a Smart Composer so you can manage all 25 social media accounts without breaking into a sweat. This tool is great in seamless scheduling and automating of social media posts. More so, this also helps to boost your content reach and engagement. Negative feedback on this tool includes some performance issues or bugs and an outdated interface.

Mention - This is an intuitive listening tool that helps you monitor customer engagement as well as competitors. This has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to listen to the web’s mentions of your brand. Generally, this tool helps you quickly pick up mentions of your brand, products, and services, as well as your competitors. This also allows you to shoot responses on social media mentions right at the platform. The not-so-good part of using this tool is that the results are fairly limited at times and may also show old mentions or like mentions of your brand months ago.

Staying on top of your business is hard because there is just a truckload of things to do every day. Using the above top social media monitoring tools will help you gain relevant and up-to-date insights on your brand, which, in turn, enhances your productivity. All brands are not created equal. Getting on top of the food chain is not ‘easy-peasy’ as it takes work. Social media is the media that bring all brands into a major fusion or fruition to give you the results you want for your brand.

Meggie Nahatakyan

Meggie Nahatakyan

Meggie is a marketing expert and a data junkie at OmnicoreAgency with more than six years of experience in the field. Aside from being a marketing nerd, she loves taking her life to the extreme with bungee jumping and skydiving when she feels some freedom.

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