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Exclusive Interviews with Epi Executives from Ascend 2017

Early in the week, we published a roundup of our time at Episerver Ascend 2017, to give our readers a glimpse into the buzz and conversation on the event floor, as we were fortunate enough to capture all those different, invaluable perspectives from the Episerver Community. So today, it’s time to share some of that Episerver wisdom with you all! Not wanting to overwhelm you with a number of interviews at once, we first would like to share the interviews that Laura and I did with these three phenomenonal Episerver executives.
It wasn’t the first time that we have interviewed James Norwood, Executive Vice President of Strategy and CMO at Episerver, so we knew that he would sit down with us and explain what exciting things are happening at Episerver with all of the transparency and delicacy we know him for. As expected, we had an amazing conversation on what website owners are struggling with and how Episerver’s platform can help them tackle those challenges, as well as thrive with their business objectives. You can catch the full replay of the interview here:

During our interview with Justin AnovickVice President of Product at Episerver, we all shared much laughter and knowledge simultaneously. He doesn’t only have a great sense of humor, but also a wealth of knowledge about which features have been fully implemented in the market, what capabilities have been taking a back seat, and what Episerver’s responsibility is as a vendor to close the gap between these two areas. Here’s our educational and very entertaining conversation with Justin:

A few weeks before Ascend 2017 when we interviewed James Norwood, he said:Although Episerver is very much thought of as just being a content management software provider, 50 percent of what we do is digital commerce. Episerver is the only company to provide a unified platform to help agile, mid-market organizations smartly manage digital content, commerce and marketing using the cloud.”  For this reason, we were eager to inquire about the underlying reason behind this lack of brand awareness, when it comes to Episerver’s commerce capabilities. For many brand executives, these kinds of questions would've been hard to answer on the spot, but Ed KennedyCommerce Strategist at Episerver rolled with the punches and addressed each with a very coherent answer. 

In the upcoming days, we will continue to share the wisdom from the other side of the table as we also interviewed Tony Ellis, VP of Information Technology at Toppers Pizza; Matt Schiller, Web Applications Technical Lead at Polaris Industries; and Krista MacDonald, Manager, Business Services Portfolio at Jazz Aviation LP along with many more customers and technology partners. Stay tuned!

Venus Tamturk

Venus Tamturk

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