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Mastering Your Event Marketing Efforts

We can officially kick off conference season! As a marketer, I get very excited about the spring and fall seasons as there are so many amazing conferences, events, and even one-day webinars that bring leaders together to discuss several topics, such as cutting-edge software, tech, trends, and the vision of what businesses and us as marketers can expect from the industry. 

A select few on my radar include big conferences such as MozCon, and INBOUND, as well as more specific company-based events like Crownpeak's Empower UK, and the Sitecore’s inaugural event, Sitecore Experience. No, this isn’t a post on the top ten events to attend or a recap on events we’re visiting, but to highlight how businesses are adding to their arsenal by delivering more to their customers, such as conferences to share customer success stories and master our digital marketing efforts. Having said that, we’re still asking you to please stay tuned for our report when CMSC Media attends Crownpeak’s Empower UK! 

Case in point is the inaugural Sitecore Experience event happing in London on April 3, 2019. Oh, you haven’t heard of it? Well, that may be because it’s the first ever event—though likely not the last—from the global leader in digital experience management software, Sitecore.  

What is at the Core of Sitecore?   

Sitecore is a very robust content management system (CMS) that can effortlessly scale for any business enterprise needs. The go-to CMS by global brands, Sitecore easily handles multisite and multilingual content management, at scale, with superior flexibility that global enterprises’ need. Additional key features include:  

  • Multichannel Customer Experiences that deliver perfectly scaled content regardless of the user's device or display over social, web, mobile and other digital channels like POS, TVs, augmented reality, virtual reality and more. Essentially, optimize the experience on any channel.   

  • Scalable Governance Controls that allow businesses to scale user roles and security just as quickly as they grow.  

  • No-compromise, headless CMS capabilities for developers to work with ease, familiar language, and no sacrifice of personalization to deliver digital projects anywhere and everywhere.  

  • Multilingual and multicultural delivery of your websites, intranets and landing page to reach the globe in multiple languages with simplicity and speed.  

  • Support multiple sites by simply sharing content through a single experience.  

  • Delivers implementation speed.

Just as strong as Sitecore is as a CMS—Sitecore was recently recognized as a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Web Content Management Systems, Q4 2018—they also deliver one of the top digital marketing platform capabilities and was recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms 2019.  Recent shifts in Sitecore’s business has seen a return to its midmarket focus, including partnering with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and acquiring a digital asset management (DAM) provider to solidify its position as a complete digital marketing suite with everything a business needs to create the most powerful, relevant, and individualized customer experiences.   

"Own the Experience" 

There is a saying about change being the only constant. Just as our customers' expectations change or increase, or the number of digital marketing channels change or increase, so too does the need for our business model to shift, and the demand on leaders to adapt. Customers today have unlimited access to more information than ever before, and businesses need to win them over, and not just for a moment. Enter Sitecore Experience Cloud™, a complete digital marketing solution.  

The Sitecore Experience Cloud™ is a complete digital marketing suite with everything you require to create the most powerful, relevant, and individualized customer experiences. This suite is unique as it is the only industry-leading platform that will continuously learn from each of your customers’ interactions so that it can deliver optimized real-time engagements with content, campaigns, and commerce in context.  

Is content your king? Address the entire content lifecycle with Sitecore’s Content Hub™. The hub was built to bring multiple teams, global teams, or both under one content platform, acting like there is a single marketing department. With the hub, your marketing team, content marketers, or freelancers can effortlessly deliver campaigns and personalized experiences. Benefits include the ability to:  

  • Corral and manage your assets through the integrated digital asset management system avoiding wasting time and legal risk. 

  • Work seamlessly together by planning, scheduling and organizing your content production within a structured, streamlined process using marketing resource management (MRM).  

Simplify asset management, streamline operational processes, and confidently deliver campaigns and personalized experiences easily—all while your team can focus on what they do best—content.   

Is eCommerce your bread and butter? Combine the power of content and commerce with Sitecore Experience Commerce. Whether you are B2C, B2B, or even B2X, this platform has everything needed for your business to gather intel and learn about your customers, deliver shopping experiences that are shaped by their interactions—including history and context—and truly transform prospects into lifelong customers. Benefits include the ability to:  

  • Create and edit personalized shopping experiences with content, product pages, search, email, and mobile all available at your fingertips. 

  • Know every customer with built-in e-commerce personalization that captures preferences, persona matches, and more that allows you to personalize every customer’s experience by adapting to their needs in real-time. 

  • Harness your businesses product information, contextual content, and digital marketing need into one e-commerce platform to not only drive your customers’ personalized shopping experience but also your revenue.    

The power of Sitecore for us marketers is truly unparalleled. A comprehensive digital marketing tool kit? A holistic view of my business's customer needs? Machine learning-generated insights that personalize my digital experiences? Check! Check! And check!     

Whether you are a best-in-suite, or a best-in-breed solution person, the suite of marketing tools that Sitecore can offer provides marketers—and your developers—the freedom, flexibility, and speed to easily reach your customers, and works for any market or industry.   

It’s no wonder that over 5,200 clients have adopted this leader as their digital marketing platform of choice. Join the ranks of global players like Procter & Gamble, Microsoft Corporation, Fujitsu, and L’Oréal (read our Feature Case Study:  L’Oréal Deepens Brand Loyalty with Digital First Attitude) who use Sitecore.  

As quoted by Paige O'Neill, Chief Marketing Officer at Sitecore, "Today, marketers are on the front lines of driving digital transformation, yet their efforts are often let down by the absence of best practices and case studies surrounding people, process, and technology. Sitecore, along with our partners and customers, are intimately familiar with proven approaches to overcome these roadblocks. We can't wait to share customer success stories and the tools our peers across Europe can apply to master their digital initiatives."  

We can’t wait to share our customer success stories, and tools with our peers. Our sister company, Falcon-Software Company Inc., has worked with many clients to move to Sitecore; harnessing their powerful CMS for websites, as well as personalize and adapt to their clients’ changing needs and behaviors to amplify their marketing efforts.  

Ready for the Sitecore Experience?   

Contact CMSC Media today to discuss how you can take your digital marketing platform and services to the next level with the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Lynette Sawyer

Lynette Sawyer

Lynette Sawyer is a Web Project Manager for Falcon-Software, a digital web agency founded in 1994. For the last 13-years Lynette has been in various digital capacities and her expertise goes beyond Project Management. Lynette brings experience and knowledge in graphic design, marketing communications, project management, product management and engagement.

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