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Mobify and e-Spirit Partner to Make Headless Commerce Experience a Reality

Next generation headless commerce architecture now a reality for brands and retailers to build, run, and evolve flexible front-ends that combine inspiring content and revenue-generating experiences.

Front-end as a Service provider Mobify, the leader in Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for commerce, and e-Spirit, the leader in enterprise-class headless content management systems (CMS) for commerce, are collaborating to enable the next generation of headless commerce architecture. This groundbreaking relationship will make it easier for brands and retailers to deliver fast and immersive shopping experiences across consumer touchpoints without disrupting backend processes to increase engagement and revenue.

Today’s retailers have been transitioning away from monolithic ecommerce systems for years in order to provide brand-centric user experiences that better convert shoppers and increase long-term value. A “headless commerce” architecture including headless CMS is emerging to deliver more flexible, faster to market front-ends such as PWAs, which allow for more inspiring shopping experiences when combined with the right content for each customer across different devices. Through joint marketing and sales initiatives in 2019, Mobify and e-Spirit will help retailers to more easily create content-driven shopping experiences delivered through Mobify’s Front-end as a Service and e-Spirit’s headless CMS.

“Headless commerce is dominating the conversation with retail customers because it’s essential to be able to build, evolve, and run commerce front-ends with best-of-breed systems to provide immersive shopping experiences versus catalog buying,” said Mobify CEO Igor Faletski. “Together with e-Spirit, we want to help retail not only achieve digital transformation, but customer experience excellence.”

According to Udo Sträßer, CRO of e-Spirit, “We know that it’s imperative to provide the best digital experience across every touchpoint of the customer journey whether digital or physical where brands are being evaluated. This means having a flexible front-end that allows brands to present their unique identity and content to shoppers wherever they are. Working with Mobify means we have an immediate, customizable front-end solution in the form of a PWA today, and a future-proofed way to enable our customers to create and deliver inspiring content as their demands evolve.”

By aligning e-Spirit’s headless CMS, FirstSpirit, with Mobify’s flexible Front-end as a Service retailers can:

  • Easily create innovative, personalized content directly within the ecommerce environment with no IT involvement, such as promotional banners, product teasers, interactive images and videos, user-generated content and other types of vendor or third-party driven content.

  • Enable that content to be seamlessly pulled into Mobify’s front-end through e-Spirit’s Content-as-a-Service RESTful API architecture.

  • Launch a revenue-boosting PWA today that speeds customers through the shopper journey and connects them to better content and more relevant marketing campaigns.

  • Quickly publish SEO-relevant content and have it discoverable by search engines since PWAs are simply app-like websites that don’t require download.

  • Continually enhance their front-ends across mobile, tablet, desktop and beyond, and keep up with innovations such as Accelerated Mobile Pages to meet consumer demands independent of the back-end ecommerce platform for improved agility.

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