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Digital Governance with Lisa Welchman

May's edition of CMS Connected had the fortunate opportunity to welcome back Lisa Welchman to the show. Lisa brings an extensive background and understanding of Digital Governance philosophies that she is able to communicate in a very clear and accessible way. We were also joined by CMS Critic's, Brian Ruby who took us through iAAPS in the Vendor Spotlight.

Web Governance or Digital Governance essentially establishes ownership, responsibility and a logical process to delivering your digital assets to production with a high level of quality assurance. That's fairly generic but you should get the picture.

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Aligning Your Organization for Good Web Governance - Recap

CMS Connected welcomed Lisa Welchman into the studio this month to give us an opportunity to discuss Web/Digital Governance and how it is increasingly becoming an essential tool in all business today.

AccentureBut first, several high impact news stories opened the show starting with Accenture purchasing Acquity for $316 Million in cash (stock buyout pending approval) which pulls the second largest independent digital marketing group into the Accenture family. Scott and Tyler discuss the positive elements of this merger which allows Accenture to deliver a full featured 'Agency' suite of solutions. Also noted was their recent purchase of Fjord, a digital creative company, thus expanding their capabilities even more.

OpenTextIn a breaking news item brought to us by Gary Eisenstein from Falcon-Software, Vignette (remember them?), was raised from the ashes to once again be rebuilt into the Open Text (OT) enterprise as a proper CXM solution. Marci Maddox of OT stated "OpenText’s new CEM offering enables organizations to exceed their customer’s online expectations. Newly designed interface for savvy content marketing needs, OpenText WEM is the application of choice for the ubiquitous management of information across all organizational boundaries." This should be very interesting to watch over the next several months.

Autonomy CMSThe panel then moved onto a story which saw HP buying up UK's Autonomy for a ridiculous sum of $10.4 billion. There seemed to have been some controversy surrounding the companies, and not so much the acquisition itself. Several quotes from HP reps look to dispel the growing rumours surrounding the future of the product and the stability of the corporate environment during the merger. It sounds terribly boring but Scott and Tyler make light of some comments made by Scott who got the attention of HP. You'll have to watch the segment to get the full story.

Jive Software makes our headline news section with a very innovative addition to the social enterprise offering. A lot of groups will be playing catch-up to Jive's release of Purposeful Places, a truly collaborative framework with close integration with Salesforce, BOX and Chatter. We really like what is being delivered here and encourage you to have a listen to what Scott has to say about this new, innovative evolution of the Social Enterprise.

Lastly, at Drupalcon, a bit of a miscue by the organizers led to some very uncomfortable moments during the event related to their marquee feature announcement. It appears that not everyone is particularly thrilled about their new 'inline editing' features. Scott was actually at Drupalcon and has some very interesting insight into the event and how things went down (click on the Drupal Segment).

A Sit Down with Lisa Welchman

We welcome Lisa back into the studio to speak about Web Governance. We begin by learning that she sees this topic covering Social, Mobile, Email and general communication ‘silos’, which she refers to as Digital Governance when describing the management of a business's online activities. Among her many words of wisdom, Lisa a few points as a guideline for developing a Governance framework:

  • Ensure that you have a manageable digital strategy and define exactly who in the organization is responsible for developing this strategy.
  • Be certain to gather all of the company policy to a central location and most importantly, make it known who writes the policies and standards.
  • Establish the functional makeup of the organization and your digital team. Define how you do work inside your organization whether it belongs in Marketing, IT or even outsourced.

Watch the rest of the interview in its entirety here, and please let us know what you think either on Twitter or in the comment section on the page.

Bridgeline iAPPS – In the Spotlight with Brian Ruby

iAPPSBrian takes us into the world of iAPPS after the break with a drill down into the CMS product. In a nutshell everyone was quite impressed with the broad offering that Bridgeline iAAPS is delivering with this product. In particular, Brian found the Analytics (iAAPS Analyzer) package to be quite intuitive and of very good value. Other crowd favorites included:

  • Excellent email workflow integration and approval features
  • In-line editing
  • User and page segmentation
  • Responsive Design
  • Commerce and Marketing modules
  • Saas AND Perpetual license options

Brian ends off with some comments that assure us that Bridgeline iAPPS is indeed a Customer Engagement Platform and have been working to this end for several years. Watch the full review here:

Rapid Fire with Scott Liewehr

Lastly we have our show closer Rapid Fire round. Scott takes a few minutes to dig into some particularly massive stories covering HP’s ongoing soap opera that is the ‘Autonomy Saga’. Apparently SAP politely refused an offer from HP to offload Autonomy onto them. Naturally, HP rejects this idea entirely. Additionally stories about the Sitecore7 release, Hubspot’s maturing as a company, Yahoo buying Tumblr and a plug for Digital Clarity’s blog post on Big Data.

Watch the full show here, share your thoughts and see you next month! Register for the show on Content Personalization.


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