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Social Media Marketing wth Sunny Lenarduzzi, Jill Finger Gibson, Robert Collins and Mark Floisand

Jade Carter

By Jade Carter

May 27, 2014

Yes, we just did that. One of our most epic shows is now resting in the archive awaiting on-demand replay for anyone who missed our live broadcast.

On Tuesday, May 20th we welcomed Jill Finger Gibson, Sunny Lenarduzzi, Robert Collins and Mark Floisand, both in studio and via video conference. Our show topic was Social Media Marketing with a very cool conversation about the new Digital Clarity Group report on the Service Provider landscape in the EU market.

Social Media Marketing Webinar 

Below is a complete summary of the show along with the cited articles.

The Headlines

1. The Pressure on Enterprises to Transform Intensifies

“Businesses today are under intense pressure to transform”, writes Ron Miller from TechCrunch. “Whether it’s finding ways to capitalize on mobile, social, the cloud or big data or taking it a step further and becoming a truly digital enterprise”.

Watch Butch and Scott discuss this story.

2. ECM Technology Value Matrix First Half 2014

Even though the enterprise content management market is a mature one, vendors still struggle to meet rapidly changing business and worker needs. The rise of mobility, demands for easy collaboration and the push to provide better customer experiences are all emerging as market drivers.


Enterprises, meanwhile, continue to look to ECM to put content into the applications where it is most needed. According to new data from Nucleus Research, this is pushing vendors to develop strategies that are based around simplification and integration, wider user adoption as well as mobile and sharing capabilities.

As part of the Nucleus analysis, customers are asked to evaluate both the application they selected as well as other vendors they considered.

Watch Butch and Scott discuss this story.

3. CoreMedia Promises Seamless Customer Experiences

"There is a lack of integration" among e-commerce and content providers, said Doug Heise, global product marketing director for CoreMedia, a web content management provider. "Customers are not getting that single brand experience they want."


But Heise told CMSWire that CoreMedia has a solution. The company, which has headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and San Francisco, introduced LiveContext 2.0.

Watch Butch and Scott discuss this story.

4. No More Publicis and Omnicom

In what was certainly a folly of enthusiasm, as well as apparently starting out as a joke, the massive merger between agency holding companies Publicis and Omnicom was called off on Friday.


The merger would have created the world’s largest advertising group – with a market cap of approximately $35 billion and more than 130,000 employees across the world.

Which, if you were counting, would have put them squarely in the top 100 employers on the planet, ranking somewhere between Honda, Costco and Procter & Gamble in terms of size.

Watch Butch, Scott and Jill Finger Gibson discuss this story.

Jill Finger Gibson

5. Navigating the WCM Service Provider Landscape in Europe

The European edition of Digital Clarity Group’s 2014 European Guide to Service Providers for Web Content and Customer Experience Management is finally out. Research for the Guide began in September 2014 and included:


  • Identifying and connecting with over 150 service providers
  • Conducting 45+ hour-long interviews with senior executives at those providers
  • Analyzing data from comprehensive survey questionnaires
  • Interviewing end-users and customer references, and
  • Conducting secondary research
Watch Butch, Scott and Jill Finger Gibson discuss this story.

Social Media Marketing with Sunny Lenarduzzi and Robert Collins

Things really started to kick off when we were joined in studio by Robert Collins as well as Sunny Lenarduzzi via video conference. Both of our guests made it clear why they are experts in their field. The conversation flowed effortlessly between our guests that Scott and Butch could have gone for a soft serve without barely being noticed. :)

Robert Collins, Sunny Lenarduzzi - Social Media Marketing

As we hear and read over and over again when discussing Social Media and Content Marketing with industry experts, the panel reiterated the desperate need to pack away the corporate message and start having real conversations, devoid of blatant sales speak and corporate talking points.

n particular was the need to develop a strategy and goals for your social presence, present an authentic front with authentic dialogue. Be wary of hashtag campaigns as they can backfire in a bad way. Go read up on the #MyNYPD campain for a recent example of this in action.

The quote of the show was perhaps "Don't hand over your social strategy to your interns, and don't hand over your profile passwords to a single individual". We've all seen the disgruntled marketer take to the brand social networks and let fly a tirade of disruptive content. No single person should wield the password lockbox to your community.

Be sure to watch this extremely helpful segment here.

Mark Floisand and the Sitecore Experience Database


Mark Floisand, the VP of Product Marketing took some time out of his day to speak to us about their exciting addition to their CEP, the Experience Database. The Experience Database is a cloud friendly component to their platform that connects their reams of customer data with their personalization and content delivery engine. Well, let's just have Mark explain it:

Mark Floisand and the Sitecore Experience Database


El Scorcho and the Rapid Fire Segment

It's a crowd favorite, and we love to watch Scott squirm through the SAP stories. :)

The lucky ones making the Rapid Fire cut included Sikka, Tom Murphy, SAP, Garnter and Cathy McKnight.

Watch another award winning Rapid Fire segment.


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Jade Carter

Jade Carter

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