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Rivals Join Forces: Radius and Leadspace

Former rivals unite, Radius and Leadspace recently announced that they have joined forces.  The two leaders in data intelligence for B2B sales and marketing will be better positioned to cater to Radius’ 200+ marquee customers.  Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher will take over as the CEO of the merged firm while Radius founder Darian Shirazi will assume the role of Executive Chairman. 

"Leadspace and Radius fit very nicely together. We actually both have the same vision in terms of bringing data intelligence to B2B sales and marketing organizations," said Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher.

The two companies could not be more complimentary from their diverse customer bases and teams to their product offerings. Here’s how they compare:

The new go-to-market platform will solve the fragmentation in the growing marketing technology landscape. The new Radius will help sales and marketing teams “find the right data on the right buyers, and reach those buyers across any channel.”  Revenue teams will have access to the “industry’s most comprehensive data intelligence solution.”  Features include account and people targeting, data management, ABM execution, and integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, Eloqua (Oracle Marketing), and Pardot (Salesforce). Now equipped with the most comprehensive data intelligence solution, customers can partner and grow alongside a single company, rather than stitching together multiple point-solutions.

“Radius and Leadspace as one company will deliver a standout go-to-market platform with the best data, artificial intelligence and integrations at its core… What’s truly exciting is that our mission remains the same. Radius will be the nucleus that powers data and intelligence across all B2B applications, channels, and users — now built on The Global Network of Record.” said in a statement from Radius.

As you can see Radius has positioned itself as being at the center of B2B predictive analytics, B2B Audience Management, and B2B data management. (Source: Radius Intelligence).
Leadspace customers will gain access to Radius’ Network of Record, the industry’s standard in B2B data, and digital ad channels in a consumer-like product experience, while Radius customers benefit from greater AI on global decision makers and upgraded data management capabilities.

Over the next year Radius will enhanced its data intelligence solutions and services while providing their customers with the following extended capabilities:

Master Data. Master Growth.

  • Extend reach and accuracy as The Network of Record unites with Leadspace’s proprietary, real-time virtual database sourcing
  • Take complete control of data governance with added data dashboard functionality
  • Enhance data matching and append for contacts, as well as lead-to-account matching features

Real Intelligence. Real Buyers.

  • Strengthen targeting on individual decision makers in both the U.S. and international markets
  • Access enhanced segmentation, scoring, and insights on contacts
  • Leverage features from two effective sales intelligence tools

Scale Channels. Scale Revenue.

  • Expand audience reach with the largest deterministic reach of any platform
  • Source more contacts with even higher accuracy and contactability rates
  • Connect more channels with more seamless integrations and partners

Shirazi describes Radius as the next “backbone go-to-market platform.”  The combined assets “will enable marketing, sales, revenue ops, and customer insights teams to finally address their data gaps and conquer their targeting challenges. We will create a standout solution in a crowded, fragmented space of point-solutions where customers are forced to stitch together multiple products or change vendors every year.”

Radius to Take Over?

Shirazi mentioned that they are positioning the company as a competitor to Salesforce Einstein, offering more expanded assets “We’re excited about this because it will create the largest number of customers, largest revenue base and really provide a company that is at scale in B2B data and intelligence,” said Shirazi.  “The only other major player in this space we believe is Salesforce Einstein, and we’re excited to really give them a run for their money.”

With that said both CEO’s have ties to Salesforce, Beswher was Salesforces’s Chief Marketing Officer from 2012 to 2013 before launching Leadspace. Salesforce Ventures invested in the start-up of Radius. If you have at look at the CV’s of each, both are very impressive.

Shirazi started out as an intern on the engineering team at eBay before joining Facebook as one of its first 10 employees. He left after three years to start his freshman year at UC Berkeley but didn't stay long before moving on to other startups. He founded Radius in 2013.

Bewsher held a series of executive-level marketing roles before settling down at Leadspace. The company was founded in Tel Aviv in 2007. As CMO at both Skype and Salesforce, Bewsher got a sense of what the marketing world needs — and what he believes the biggest players in the space are getting wrong.

What Customers Are Saying

The joining of forces is providing alot of positive feedback.

"I have seen the power of both Radius and Leadspace," said Doug Sechrist, Vice President, Demand Marketing at Zenefits. "Together these two technologies will provide a unique set of capabilities and use cases to power predictable, intelligent B2B marketing."

"The strengths of the two companies and products are really complementary, so bringing them together creates a formidable platform for B2B data and audience intelligence," said Kerry Cunningham, Senior Research Director at SiriusDecisions, "The combination of these two companies gives Radius a much stronger client base and global reach."

Ending Notes

In a recent blog post Forrester predicts that this industry will consolidate "As we predicted (pardon the pun), this market will consolidate — and this is the first major step since ESW affiliate Ignite purchased Infer last fall. Some will start mentioning “AI” to capitalize on the near-term buzz and emphasize the role of machine learning in everything from data collection and normalization to self-optimizing algorithms. Going forward, we expect there to be a clearer difference to buyers when it comes to data management and data intelligence (technology that makes sense of the data and makes it actionable for marketers and sellers)."

With the new Radius now in a position to lead globally across a global data management, multichannel management, and predictive analytics markets.  It will be interesting to see what foot hold they will achieve against the Salesforce giant. Shirazi did also mention that in the next few years there could be a possibility of an IPO, I could see them acquiring other like minded companies or just build the value of their current company before selling it.

I will keep you posted on the ongoing of what is happening in the B2B predictive analytics market.

If you would like to learn more about this merger, I suggest tuning in to their executive webinar on May 16th  “Why Radius + Leadspace Marks Big Win for Customers & Markets".

Natalie Evans

Natalie Evans

Natalie Evans has over 16-years in the tech industry and currently works as the event coordinator and tech reporter for CMS-Connected, keeping up-to-date on what's happening in and around the Content Management industry.

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