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Join CMSC Media Live at BloomReach Connect San Francisco 2019

Erika Jones

By Erika Jones

May 28, 2019

CMSC Media is pleased to announce our return to BloomReach Connect for their 2019 Digital Experience Conference in beautifully scenic, San Francisco, CA. Ellie Somfelean and I are thrilled to be attending the event to gain insights from industry leaders, and of course, to share their valuable perspectives with our CMSC audience through exclusive video interviews.

The two-day event takes place from June 12th–13th at the Midway in SF and has a jam-packed schedule of keynotes, panel discussions, and expert-led sessions. Digital innovators will come together to discuss customer experience, CMS, site search, merchandising, microservices, and personalization. Attendees and speakers span the spectrum; from BloomReach employees and executives, company partners, and the users themselves.

Kicking off the event, BloomReach CEO, Raj De Datta, is scheduled to give his keynote entitled “The Answer for the Experience Era”—leading us to strongly surmise that a big focus of the event will be about customer experience (CX). It is no secret that CX is a top focus for brands and marketers and has been a hot topic this year. The weekend will then continue into more keynotes and speakers, with notable guests like the best-selling author, Joe Pine, as well as many other great minds from the industry.

The event will include brand spotlights from several large BloomReach partners such as Desigual, HD Supply, Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc., and Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. Hearing directly from these partners will provide useful insight into the commerce buyer experience that is attainable with BloomReach’s platform, and how they utilize it to excel in their space.

If you are interested in attending this event, you can register here. It is sure to be an invigorating experience, where we will take a deep dive into where digital experience can take us. We look forward to the exciting conversations to come at BloomReach Connect 2019, as well as learning what’s on the horizon for BloomReach.

Are you showing up at the event alongside us this year? Send us an email to be included in our informative and entertaining interviews.

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Erika Jones

Erika Jones

Erika Jones is a Tech Reporter and Content Marketer with CMSC Media. Erika enjoys combining her creativity with her technical skills through graphic design. She has a background in communications and marketing and has a flair for social media and content creation. Erika is an avid traveller and enjoys seeing firsthand how technology connects us all in business and pleasure.

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