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What Makes Sales & Marketing Alignment So Powerful


Sales and marketing are two very different areas of business; however, both are essential for the success of your company. While marketers are working on generating and nurturing high-quality leads, sales reps are working hard to close deals. But when the two work well together, not only do their jobs become easier and the results better, it’s also the foundation for strong business performance.

A Changing Dynamic

To be successful, sales and marketing strategies and actions must focus on the buyers’ problems and opportunities instead of concentrating on product features and company acclamations. The shift from product-centric to customer-centric highlights the importance of another shift: a change of the sales-marketing dynamic.


Very often sales and marketing teams have different objectives and misunderstood expectations about each other. Breaking down the barriers is the first step to enable better collaboration. The work of marketers and sales reps should be complementary with the same revenue-generating goals in mind. When the two departments realize they’re on the same team and begin to work together toward common goals, everyone wins.

Collaborative Culture

But, hitting sales and revenue numbers requires more than working together. It also requires a collaborative culture; helping each other, building trust, and adding value. When sales and marketing are in sync, organizations experience higher rates in revenue growth, customer retention and win rates. Sales and marketing alignment is often underestimated, but it’s essential for a business to operate as a united, functioning organism.

CRM As a Bridge

Centralizing data and creating a unique point of truth is curial to empower real alignment. Sales and marketing data needs to be integrated to collect high-quality data that provides deeper customer insights on both sides. CRM can serve as bridges between marketing and sales to break down departmental silos and help you improve your organizational strategy. See how SugarCRM can help you boost your sales and marketing alignment, by watching our demo.

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