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Why Focus on Video Marketing? Here's What Data Tells You

This 2019, expect to see more videos on your social media feeds and updates! Companies and businesses have taken notice of the overwhelming number of customers who prefer to watch videos for information and entertainment. A whopping 93% of consumers said they consider video a priority—and that is where marketers and businesses are heading.
Video is the most prevalent and popular online media and online marketers depend on various videos for a majority of their content. Videos are effective in converting a visitor to a buyer more than half of the time. With better hardware, videos are going to deliver more in the coming years for consumers, content providers, and internet marketers.

Power, Reach and Access

That is the power of video marketing. Video marketing has created a massive reach where TV and radio have gotten a back seat. Seeing a real person and hearing their voice affords readers’ assurance that they are dealing with a true ‘living’ individual. As opposed to merely images and text content which many internet marketers use, watching a real person on your computer can now be likened to watching TV and listening to the good old trusty radio.
The person on the video is often seen as a celeb and a brand ambassador, especially when the audience buys and promotes what they are promoting. There is no denying that technology has reached a new level with the massive power of video marketing.
The important question is how to use video marketing and leverage from it?

Business Personified

The right video marketing campaign adds a ‘human touch’ to any enterprise which enables businesses to obtain the highest possible converting leads. The moment you learn these tips and incorporate them into your video marketing campaigns, you will surely succeed.

Drive Targeted Traffic

Video marketing doesn't entail only video creation. You need to promote it and analyze the visitor behavioral data. Using web analytics is one way to have more accurate insights. Video marketing is a great way to drive targeted traffic to a website. It builds relationships with people, helps establish the author as a niche market authority, and become a brand ambassador to potential customers. When people see an acknowledged authority in a particular subject, people are sure to follow.

Nine Out of Ten Companies Use Videos In Marketing

Many online merchants use video as their central marketing focal point. Through the years, the videos are in demand as a platform for promotion and marketing—nine out of ten companies worldwide are using it.
The studies show that video use for marketing has flourished from only 63% in 2017 to 81% in 2018, and up to a whopping 87% this year. Evaluating the whole digital marketing architecture shows that video marketing is the most popular and subscribed content type. It superseded other platforms by 75%. These include infographics, podcasts, live streams, photos, and mobile apps that have all fallen behind.

Video Is Everywhere — It Is The Future of Marketing

Videos are everywhere these days. They have pervaded all aspects of life; from work, school, home, and even entertainment. Videos are available online for almost all kinds of topics and accessible anywhere you go.
There is no other way to convey a vital marketing message than through the use of videos via video sharing platforms. A video marketing campaign is necessary for a business to be taken seriously. In the United States, about 85% of internet users watch online videos daily. Hardware experts expect that by 2022, videos will make up approximately 82% of all consumer web traffic.

Why Video Works?

Almost all internet marketers communicate and engage their customers with the help of videos. Online companies utilize videos to get their important messages across. Nine out of ten online companies turn to videos to drive traffic, advertise their products and services, and raise brand awareness. Videos are able to do these and so much more!

Video Drives Results

Almost everyone watches videos shared on social media. Almost 96% of all consumers watch videos online several times a week. Videos on landing pages are said to easily convert to up to 80% of clicks. Open rates for emails are 6% higher when videos are incorporated in email marketing campaigns. Aside from emails, about 64% of users are said to be easily persuaded into purchasing a product after they have watched videos about it. For Facebook ads and posts with videos, up to 60% of users are convinced into buying after watching a product video.
Internet service providers, telcos, and internet equipment providers are in agreement that more and more people are viewing videos. Sharing videos on social media continue to increase yearly. The most popular videos are no longer limited to music videos, short, funny clips, or even by language. Consider that the most viewed video on YouTube has 6.1 billion, and mostly Spanish lyrics. Ranking in the top five is a full episode of a Russian cartoon with 3.5 billion views. These figures undeniably show that the future is video and it is easy to understand why online marketers should focus on them.

Meggie Nahatakyan

Meggie Nahatakyan

Meggie is a marketing expert and a data junkie at OmnicoreAgency with more than six years of experience in the field. Aside from being a marketing nerd, she loves taking her life to the extreme with bungee jumping and skydiving when she feels some freedom.

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