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Globalization: Reaching out Beyond Content Management

Jade Carter

By Jade Carter

November 1, 2013

As we drift into the weekend, into November and
into the added darkness in the evening with the end of daylight savings, I took a look at the broader meaning of ‘Globalization’. While relevant in our little CMS community, the global citizen understands a whole different interpretation of the concept.

Globalization in the CMS world is a win-win. We deliver our products, content or services in a culturally and linguistically respectful way to ethnically diverse communities around the world. Perfectly meaningful and relevant.

The more traditional definition is very much different and depending on your political or social leanings, its meaning can conflict greatly. For instance is this the true meaning?:

The integration of economic, globalization definition political and cultural systems across the globe

Or, on the other hand, is this a more accurate portrayal?:

The dominance of developed countries in decision-making, at the expense of poorer, less powerful nations

Is it?:

A force for economic growth, prosperity, and democratic freedom


A force for environmental devastation, exploitation of the developing world, and suppression of human rights

We know for a fact that the power of very large corporations has a dramatic influence on the governmental and regulatory policies of the USA (Monsanto, Koch Industries, the rise of Super Pac’s, etc.). However this isn’t the template for functional (or non-functional), Government. Anyway, that is potentially way off topic, however in line with a discussion on Globalization.

I was scanning the Twitter feed for #globalization and it showed that people really understand the term and are discussing it in their tweets. Here are a few examples:

Pondering globalization as I watch Hockey Night in Canada on Punjabi television


— Smirkin' Wolf (@CharlieDontSrf) October 30, 2013

That has a little bit of fun to it. Totally relevant and on topic. But it doesn't take long to find some comments that are a little deeper in subject matter.


That one is potentialy risky to the individual based on a quick look at their affiliations and considering the originating region.

This one above is quite fun, you should totally follow and read the link.

Ultimately our community is a small peg in the greater metropolis of 'globalization'. Whether it's a newspaper slinging breaking news stories instantaeously to viewers around the world or the notion of political foreign policy and its impact on global economies, we can all agree that this is a vast and complicated topic.

How better to prime everyone for our show next week! :) See you there.

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Jade Carter

Jade Carter

Jade is a content writer for CMS-Connected, facilitating the needs of the company blog. Bringing 10 years of Search and Digital Marketing to the table, he strives to build informative, relevant and fun editorial posts for the blog feed. Jade is an ultra distance (26.2 miles+) trail runner and lives to run trails in and around his home town of Victoria, BC.

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