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Acquia Announces a Partnership with Magento Commerce

Acquia,  a Drupal-based open source content management system provider, announced today at its annual customer conference, Acquia Engage 2016, that it’s entering into a partnership with Magento Commerce, the open source e-commerce platform provider. This is in an effort to integrate Acquia’s digital experience portfolio with Magento’s commerce and fulfillment solutions. 

According to both companies, the partnership will enable global brands and merchants to take control of the customer journey and deliver highly personalized, content-rich experiences across every touchpoint. Nowadays, creating a proliferation of shopping and fulfillment touchpoints, use cases and channels is on almost every single vendors’ agenda. However, according to Acquia, what makes this integration unique is that until today, this level of governance was only available through monolithic legacy solutions requiring a significant investment. Now this marriage will provide those capabilities at a lower cost and quicker time to market.

CMS-Connected has reached out to Joe Wykes, SVP of Channel & Commerce at Acquia, to ask about the partnership. Here is what he had to say: “Acquia provides brands with the content, context, and data needed to create personalized customer experiences, while Magento makes the path to purchase seamless and efficient for buyers. Through this partnership, we are helping brands, merchants and marketers build lasting loyalty and direct customer relationships. Ultimately, we’re establishing the future of e-commerce by converging content and commerce solutions.”

Tom Erickson, Acquia CEO, also said: “Commerce as we know it has changed, and the imperative has emerged for brands and merchants to deliver powerful, personalized experiences,” and added:“Acquia and Magento combine the best attributes of open source development -- agility, speed, innovation, and security. Together, we’re putting the power back in the hands of merchants and brands to allow them to control every pixel of the experience throughout the customer journey.

To enable this solution, Acquia and Magento will integrate the Drupal web content management system and Acquia Lift solutions for personalization, with Magento’s commerce and order management products to unify content, commerce, and context across the customer journey. 

Key capabilities the partnership will enable for B2B and B2C merchants include:

  • Personalization at Scale: Contextually optimized real-time experiences across the entire customer journey, regardless of device or channel

  • Speed to Market: Rapidly deploy and manage content-rich commerce experiences

  • Empowered Marketers: Allow marketing to own the customer experience and collaborate more closely with merchandisers

  • Flexible Integration: Unlimited flexibility to meet any market need or technology configuration

Last November the company announced that Magento had launched as an independent company, backed by the Permira funds, four years after of its acquisition by eBay, Inc. Since then, the company has unprecedentedly grown. As CMS-Connected reported last April, the open source e-commerce platform provider rolled out its first cloud-based service, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, and announced the launch of its commerce applications marketplace, Magento Marketplace. 

“The best online shopping destinations bring together cutting-edge features, can’t-miss brand content and seamless site performance. Exceptional digital experience delivery requires flexible content and commerce solutions working as one, and with their partnership, Magento and Acquia are answering a critical need in the marketplace,” said Neal Prescott, CTO of Optaros and MRM//McCann. 

Since Acquia is the rising star in the content management space, I believe this partnership will help the vendor narrow the gap on Sitecore and Adobe in the Gartner's Magic Quadrant report next year. Overall, the demand for personalized experience is the strongest drive for the web content management vendors to adopt stronger, more tightly integrated personalization capabilities. Almost every week we, CMS-Connected, are covering another news item regarding content management vendor either building integrated personalization capabilities or adding them into their suite through partnerships, acquisitions, and mergers. 


Venus Tamturk

Venus Tamturk

Venus is the Media Reporter for CMS-Connected, with one of her tasks to write thorough articles by creating the most up-to-date and engaging content using B2B digital marketing. She enjoys increasing brand equity and conversion through the strategic use of social media channels and integrated media marketing plans.

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