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CMSC Media Launches Content Journey as a Service

CMSC Media Launches Content Journey as a Service

A digital marketing service that takes your content on a journey with a destination aimed at acquiring more qualified leads

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – CMS-Connected Media Corp (CMSC Media) announces the launch of a new marketing service that takes the client's digital content assets on a strategic campaign, which ends in developing a stronger leads-funnel for your sales and marketing team to target from. CMSC Media organizes your specific content (press releases, blog posts, case studies, product reviews, webinars, white papers, podcasts, etc.) and structures that content so it can be deployed on CMSC Media's news channels, taking viewers on a journey that provides an optimal return on investment “planned destination” for the content created.

"Digital marketing tactics have evolved well-beyond banner ads and click-through rates. To be effective in generating a strong leads strategy, companies today need to produce a steady flow of quality content that educates and informs, all the while providing quality inbound leads from that content", states Gary Eisenstein, CMSC Media's President and Principal Analyst.

The standard method in achieving this is by producing content, then posting that content for consumption on your company website and social channels. Due to the sheer volume of digital content created every minute of the day, this method has become highly ineffective in producing the desired results, which is why we created a Content Journey as a Service (CJaaS) for our clientele", says Eisenstein.

The unfortunate fact is that the cost of producing a steady flow of content—and the even greater cost of driving traffic to that content—takes a significant chunk out of everyone’s time and marketing budget with an underwhelming return on investment. The costs gets even higher when calculating lost opportunities in a failed marketing campaign.

Our CJaaS offering has allowed CMSC Media's clients that include Sitecore, Acquia, Progress Sitefinity, BloomReach, and Episerver to tap into our enormous audience with a targeted content journey. With our business analysts, seasoned tech-reporters, and content writers who co-produce the content you need combined with a targeted audience ready to consume that content, you can finally experience a tangible and continual return on investment.

Key Benefits of Our CJaaS

  • Faster and far more cost effective to have CMSC Media co-produce your content.

  • Instant access to thousands of targeted viewers daily on CMSC Media's popular news channels.

  • Strategic selection of marketing services from our list of CJaaS options to instantly plan out a content journey without the high-risk, and high-costs, associated with traditional hit-and-miss content marketing methods.

If you would like to speak to us directly on how we can provide a planned destination for your content, contact us at to arrange a conversation with one of our content marketing specialists.

About CMSC Media
Founded in 2011, CMSC Media ( captures the conversation surrounding the latest technologies, innovations, mergers, acquisitions, software platforms, products, and services primarily in the enterprise & web content management (ECM & WCM), eCommerce, digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), digital asset management (DAM) and the advanced technology (AI, VR, IoT) marketplace. We deliver headline IT news and insights to thousands of daily viewers through engaging interviews, captivating articles, and first-hand experience from attending numerous IT events across the globe.

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