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Customer Engagement via Social Networks

Customer engagementMost businesses aim to connect with their audiences on the social media channels. This can be done by engaging your audience – listening and talking to them; and having meaningful conversations. This builds trust and encourages the dialogue. Here are 5 things to jump start customer engagement via the social media channels.

  1. Integrate Social Media: Ensure that your social media networks are incorporated into your Web Content Management (WCM) platforms.
  2. Be Where Your Audience Is: Set up social media channels that your audiences use and be there – show that you are an expert and you care.
  3. Content remains King: Make sure your content is powerful and engaging – there is nothing worse than getting a follower and see them go.
  4. Have a purpose: Just setting up your social media won’t cut it – you need to have a reason to be there: engage your audience
  5. Tracking and Monitoring: It is important to learn what your audience is saying about you – how often they comment – what topics get most interest, likes and retweets?

It’s about time we realized that Customer Engagement is the new Marketing – so make the most of it via Social Networks; and remember to always be mindful of your brand reputation – use consistent messaging throughout.

Jade Carter

Jade Carter

Jade is a content writer for CMS-Connected, facilitating the needs of the company blog. Bringing 10 years of Search and Digital Marketing to the table, he strives to build informative, relevant and fun editorial posts for the blog feed. Jade is an ultra distance (26.2 miles+) trail runner and lives to run trails in and around his home town of Victoria, BC.

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