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Exclusive Interview with Kentico's CEO Petr Palas

Just yesterday, I got to spend some time speaking with Petr Palas, Founder and CEO of Kentico. I was eager to inquire about the new release of Kentico 10, their recent partnership and resulting expansion into Japan, the upcoming 404 Conference in Las Vegas and last but not least, their recent announcement of being positioned in the Challengers' Quadrant of the 2016 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. 

Every Kentico enthusiast is anxiously waiting for the launch of Kentico 10, and with every new version of a platform that comes out, the biggest question on my mind is always what are the needs it is addressing and the solutions it will be providing to its customers? Its touted as being a substantial technology upgrade, with what sounds like a huge focus on productivity, allowing users to achieve “more, in less time.” Having a design geared more towards results will hopefully be apparent when it comes to process, so we are eager to see how that materializes upon release. 

Near the end of August, Kentico announced a partnership with Nextscape, Inc., an IT solutions provider based in Tokyo. This expanded presence will allow for Kentico to gain a more broad experience of the Asia Pacific market, which they will then in turn use to better their offerings based on those unique needs. Kentico is also utilizing its strong presence in Australia, as a support system for their new partnership, as Petr explains. 

Last week, we announced the CMS-Connected show would be recorded live at the 404 Conference in Las Vegas, and as it is being presented by Kentico, I was very interested to hear the inspiration behind this unique event. If you haven’t heard, its really stepping away from the traditional thought about a conference, and asking attendees to drag their past mistakes out from under the rug and bring them to the forefront, to be seen as opportunities to learn and evolve. It’s a place for those missteps to be celebrated because as you’ll hear, Petr hits the nail on the head when he says “if you’re not failing, you’re not innovating enough”.

Kentico, also became the new kid on the best kind of block when for the first time, they were positioned as a Challenger in the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. To me, that title brings about the thought of change, so I was curious to know the ways in which Kentico was hoping to change their market. Petr let me in on some hints, but emphasizes a “new cloud offering to disrupt the CMS industry”. 

Be sure to tune into our November episode of the CMS-Connected show, recorded live at the event, and if you’re attending, come join us the morning of November 4th to be a part of our studio audience!

Laura Myers

Laura Myers

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